My experience


HCL TECHNOLOGIESJune 2021 - Present

1. Working on building AI enabled test suit application to validate Meta(facebook) devices responses by using NLP, text extraction from images, (Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text) techniques and imag e comparison using OpenCV. By using this, more than 60% of test case executions are automated.
2. Worked on text classification, clustering task and applied NER to validate entity items and values by using state of art NLP.
3. Working on automated AI enabled , resume parsing and ranking tool by using natural language processing packages(spaCy, NLTK)python, tensorflow, etc.
4. Managing team of 8 members working on various client and POC projects into machine learning and data science use cases.
5. Following Agile methodology and tracking work progress by using JIRA board. Conducting all agile ceremonies.
6. Handling stakeholders by conducting meetings about the requirements and ing work progress in business profitable terms.
7. Developed web scraping framework for extracting product reviews, ratings, etc. from e-commerce
portals(Amazon/Flipkart) to analyze the customer sentiments for Samsung client.
8. Done text cleaning and pre-processing like hinglish to english, slags, spelling errors and built word
-cloud program.
9. Doing product wise Sentiment analysis program of the customer reviews and visualizing the same by using various techniques like lexicon based and keras deep learning library.
10. Building visualizations and dashboards by using Power BI tool.

BT ESERV INDIA PVT LTDOctober 2017 - June 2021

1. Work on predictive model building on device data to classify the faulty devices, which achieves 20%
more customer satisfaction/ device performance than previous years.

2. Automate the system log analysis by applying NLP techniques to detect and predict anomalous logs, resulting 25% decrease in time needed to fix the system/server issues.
3. Built fraud predictive model by using machine learning clustering algorithm to forecast fraud messages with 94% of accuracy rate.
4. Built text summarization tool to extract summary from employee review raw textual data by using
NLP and deep learning-based text summarization techniques and lexicon-based sentiment analysis.
5. Follow Agile methodology and tracks the stories in JIRA board to accomplish the tasks.
6. Productionized the models in GCP by building kubeflow ML pipeline, GKE cluster. Created API using
Google AI platform. Followed MLOps methods.
7. Collaboration with business stakeholders and SMEs to build the appropriate business use cases and peer review other data scientist work.
8. Have skills to go through several research papers and implement the state-of-art techniques.

My stack

Web Scraping, Unit testing, Test Cases, TensorFlow, Team management, Stakeholder management, SQL Server Reporting Services, Pandas, OpenCV, NumPy, Natural Language Processing (NLP), MVC, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Machine Learning, Linux, Kubernetes, Keras, jQuery UI, jQuery, Jira, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, ETL, Docker, Deep learning, DB2, Data Science, Data Mining, Data analysis, Apache Spark, Analytics, Amazon Web Services, AJAX, Agile Methodology, ADO