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My experience


2PerfomantJanuary 2018 - Present

I help business people identify and automate relevant KPIs. Currently I develop ETL jobs in Python
on a Linux environment. The data sources are SQL or MongoDb based. The Data Warehouse is
based on Google BigQuery together with Google Data Studio. For custom visualizations or

advanced statistics I use R with RStudio.

eMAGJanuary 2017 - January 2018

Statistical Analysis:
Providing insights to business people based on their specific data requests
Use various analytical techniques - descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, survival analysis, regression, classification, event study, cluster analysis

A/B testing:
Design A/B tests for various website features with the help of R and Monte Carlo Simulations
Project the business ROI in terms of orders and traffic based on plausible changes
Analyze the significance of the results using the appropriate hypothesis tests

Analyze development projects impact:
Check the business impact of various implementations done on the website like filters use, listing algorithms, impact in conversion rate, user journey etc.
Extract data from QlikView / Google Analytics or Google Cloud Platform - Big Query using SQL

Design and implement ETL jobs:
Extract and combine data from various REST APIs via Python
Create complex SQL queries on user-site interaction data from Big Query
Create QlikView or Google Cloud Platform - Data Studio dashboards

BitdefenderOctober 2016 - December 2016

Statistical Analysis:
Providing insights to business people based on their specific data requests using various analytical techniques - descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, predictive or clustering analytics

Developing new Tableau Reports using Tableau 10, SQL Server and OLAP Cubes based preexisting Excel Reports.
Optimizing preexisting Tableau Reports for faster load times, better user interactivity and improved visuals.
Creating ad-hoc Excel reports using data from Omniture and SQL Server to respond to management requests for specific data.

Feature Engineering:
Parsing various information from multiple Excel or Text file using R to develop more insightful reports for the end users.

Data Quality:
Identifying data inconsistencies, relating them to business causes and raising tickets to the BI Department to improve ETL Rules

eMAGJuly 2015 - October 2016

Data Analysis
- extracting process related data from various MySQL servers,
- combining data in a relevant manner using QlikView 11 (backend) or Excel (PowerQuery),
- analysing data using descriptive statistics & visualizations (histograms, boxplots, data sumaries),
inferential statistics (hypothesis testing, regression), predictive statistics (logistic regression, kNN, decision trees) and clustering analytics (k-Means, Hierarchical clustering) in R or Minitab
- if data transformation was needed prior to the analysis I used R (mostly data.table package) and
QlikView (front end – set expressions, aggregates, pivot tables)

Process Mapping of business or technical processes based on the BPMN 2.0 standard using iGrafx for Six Sigma (with central repository) as a tool

Process Analysis:

- analysing process stability or capability with Control Charts or Capability Analysis in Minitab

Creating historical reports based on data from various sources - different MySQL servers or MSSQL

Data Warehouse - using QlikView 11

-February 2014 - March 2015

Project Reporting
- creating project reports based on requirements of Erasmus+
Project Financials Management
- tracking expenses
- centralizing financial related documents (invoices, payment orders etc.)
Writing Submission Application
- analyzing project requirements stated by the EU
- writing various parts of the application

My stack

Tableau Software, SQL, Six Sigma, R Language, QlikView, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Lean, Google BigQuery, ETL, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Data Warehouse, Data Visualization, Data analysis, A/B Testing