Ghassen F.

Data Scientist

555 dollar
1 year

My experience


ArianaSeptember 2021 - Present

Subjects: Database, Advanced Learning for text and graph data, database management system , fundamentals of deep learning
Coaching: data mining projects for the fourth year engineering cycle classes.

ArianaFebruary 2021 - July 2021

: Esprit DSI (The Information Systems Department) PFE Internship

* Collection and digitization of checks
* Preprocessing of check images by removing unnecessary information such as background, stray pixels, etc.
* Automatic and intelligent localization and extraction of handwritten check information, essentially the numerical amount and the literal amount.
* Recognition of the numerical amount and the literal amount.
* Design of an ICR model to auto-correct bank checks.

Tools : : Python, Django , Tensorflow , Google Colaboratory , deep learning ( CNN , RNN )
* Presentation and explanation of the course
* Carrying out practical work
* Supervision and support of students during the practical labs.

Technologies: Python, deep learning

ArianaFebruary 2020 - June 2020

Mourad Zerai

Data Science Intern: General Insurance Committee (CGA)

* Bonus-Malus class prediction of each new customer after a detailed study based on actual
CGA data.

* Fraud detection for old and new customers.

* Bonus-malus deployment of classification models and fraud detection models.

* Sentiment analysis for car brands.

Tools : jupyter, Dach, SVM, DTC, XGBoost, Python, Détection Fraude, sentiment analysis , Classification, Matplotlib, Scipy, Scikit learn, Pandas, Numpy ..

My stack


Spanish, Artificial Intelligence


NoSQL, MongoDB


Python, SQL, C++, Java, HTML

Big Data

Data Mining, Big Data, Hadoop

Machine Learning

Neural networks, Predictive analysis, Deep learning


Machine Learning, NumPy

Business Intelligence

SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Business Intelligence

IT Infrastructure





Data Science Intern, FTTx, Learning Theories, Cascading Style Sheets, Python Programming, Sentiment Analysis, mathematics; physics, Diploma > Diploma National Engineering, Baccalaureate Degree > Baccalaureate Degree Mathematics, Natural Language Processing, industry~edu, tableau, Diploma > Diploma Computer science, DBMS, LSI StoreAge > StoreAge SVM, Trainee, Intern, Teacher, trainer, Java Enterprise Edition, French, Microsoft Windows, C Programming Language, English, Member of the Rotaract Esprit club, Lead Machine Learning, an assistant teacher, Alcatel management, Bonus-malus deployment of classification models and fraud detection, Teacher trainer, stochastic analysis, SQL Server Analysis Services, Bachelors Degree, Master, Machine Learning Engineer, Arabic

My education and trainings

Diploma, National engineering, computer science - Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology

Mathematics, Physics - Preparatory School of Engineering Studies2014 - 2017