Cammil T.


732 dollar
26 years

My experience



Director & Engineer.

Client acquisition.
Operations consulting services: recruitment, project management, performance strategy development.
Technical consulting services: data science, data architecture.

Taank TechnologiesMay 2018 - Present

R&D for own consultancy. ​(SKLearn, CPython; Django contributor)

​ AI training & conference attendance ​(London AI F inance Summit, CogX, San Francisco Applied AI Conference)

Mentor for Coursera Machine Learning online course.

UncrowdJanuary 2019 - Present

Chief Data Architect. Design and implementation of data architecture & algorithms for all uncrowd data science requirements. ​(Python, Excel, AWS)

3 Wizards EntertainmentAugust 2018 - December 2019

Android app development for mathematical puzzle game ​(Java, Cordova, Python, Numpy, Javascript, PhaserJS)

Department for International Trade, UK GovSeptember 2016 - April 2018

Data Architect & Lead Data Scientist Data platform & algorithm design & implementation ​(Python, Postgres, AWS, Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker) Neural Network based predictive analysis, time series forecasting (SKLearn)
​ . Interdepartmental strategy development for financial and KPI evaluation and planning. High performance algorithm for automated matching and merging millions of rows of disparate and unstructured datasets (Python) Design of container architecture to maximise security, flexibility & team development efficiency. Data protection practice developed with Information Security team.

J SainsburysApril 2015 - July 2016

Design and development of automated store ordering system (Python, Numpy, Pandas, SciPy, Sklearn, Statsmodels). Customer demand forecasting and optimisation of supply chain        operations. Design of scalable and adaptable supply chain system; 20 million stocking points processed daily. Fully optimised automated driver scheduling system ​(Linear Programming, Python PuLP). Optimised labour subject to numerous constraints such as driver contracts and forecast        demand.

-February 2012 - June 2015

Invented and patented new mechanical device that will improve safety and usability of man-powered vehicles.

-February 2012 - April 2015

Analytics innovation team lead. Development of new team roles, hiring process and training programmes Created customer forecasting model and web front-end for use by operations and marketing teams. ​(R, Python, HTML,  JavaScript, PostgreSQL) Developed picking algorithm ​(operational research algorithms inc. bin packing, real world path finding, Python) – c.£20M          labour saving. Created agent based simulation tool to enable rapid testing of  new algorithms. ​(Python) Developed real time, browser based animations of simulations, 3D models of the store layout and interactive charts. ​(Python, HTML5, WebGL, Three.js)  Project managed in-store picking project (c.£15M), amongst other projects.

TescoAugust 2011 - February 2012

Developed award-winning supply chain forecasting system Tesco Connect. (IGD Supply Chain Innovation Award 2014). (PHP, MySQL, Apache, JavaScript, HTML) c10% reduction in lost sales.

Ontono Ltd.June 2010 - August 2011

Developed real-time, in-browser, web conferencing software (AWS, Java, AS3, Flex, MySQL, JavaScript) Implemented full-stack including Amazon media servers, and administration systems for accounting, and customer & client management. Managed overseas and out-sourced software engineers. Fostered relationships with learning institutions to provide  improved customer and client infrastructure.

Cambridge & Oxford TutorsJanuary 2003 - June 2010

Founded company with 3,600 active tutors. Managed accounting and built custom accounting software. Developed and managed all IT systems; customer management, finance, and tutor & employee administration. ​(PHP, MySQL, Apache, HTML, Javascript) Implemented predictive customer and tutor models ​(Statistical Regression). Established highly profitable relationships with very       high net worth individuals. Developed highly successful marketing strategy for new tutors.

Blue TutorsJanuary 2004 - January 2010


-August 2007 - January 2010

Consulted clients on data analysis and revenue optimisation. Designed predictive models for analysing customer behaviour (Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations) Devised algorithms for categorisation of web data using various  computational methods. Consulted on search algorithms and machine learning.

-January 1997 - January 2005

Tutored Mathematics up to Masters Level. ​(Probability, Statistics, Econometrics and Optimisation) Taught student of UCL and Cambridge for undergraduate and Masters in Economics.

My stack

XML, Windows, WebGL, Web development, Teradata, Statistics, Scrum, Python, PostgreSQL, PHP, Pandas, OS X, Oracle, NumPy, MySQL, Machine Learning, Lisp, Linux, Kubernetes, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, HTML, Haskell, Flex, Docker, Data Science, CSS, C/C++, AWS, AS3, Agile