Robert T.

Data Scientist

770 dollar
6 years

My experience


CitySprintFebruary 2017 - May 2019

Lead the Data Science team working on the digital
transformation of the largest same day courier company in the UK. My primary task was to bring machine learning optimisations to fleet management:

* Developed and productionized a tensorflow neural net that
predicted the driving time of A to B journeys based on OSRM routing data. The model was trained in python (Sagemaker) but served from a golang service that made batch predictions at high frequency.
* Developed the C++ routing algorithms that are used to direct
the entire CitySprint courier fleet. Used Google's operations research tools to implement Guided Local Search to find the best order of pickups and deliveries.
* Developed a custom clustering algorithm in golang using a
recursive kmeans strategy.
* Developed numerous microservices in golang, using
distributed event­driven architecture with SNS/SQS and Kinesis. These included a geofencing system for tracking

couriers at different resolutions, as well as a system for
building graph matrices representing the current
relationships of all actors in the system.
* Oversaw development of an internal React­redux website for
monitoring all couriers and jobs across the fleet.

Peerpay (FloFunder)November 2015 - December 2016

I lead a team of 4 developers to build a new invoice financing platform that allows businesses to borrow money against the value of unpaid invoices.

* Productionized the proprietary statistical methods used to
assess the risk associated with the companies on the site.
* Designed restful APIs using a PHP monolith (not my choice)
that sat on top of 2 separate SQL Databases (mysql and oracle). Due to the handling of financial transactions, the databases had to be 100% acid compliant with robust replication and sharding.
* Developed a redis caching layer to speed up the application,
along with asynchronous task runners to populate the cache.
* Developed an AngularJS SPA with persistent connection to
the server via an encrypted NodeJS socket layer.


Circalit LtdNovember 2012 - December 2015

Cofounded Circalit Ltd, whose primary product is the recruitment                   platform I still have an ongoing interest in Circalit Ltd                       although I am no longer full­time employee at the company.   
● Created a candidate recommendation engine that performed               batch predictions using a Random Forests Classifier. 
● Responsible for all Business Intelligence and reporting in                 SQL. Identified and uncovered the KPIs that drive decision                   making. Created dashboards and BI tools for live monitoring.  ● Raised over £1m in investment from Connect Ventures. Sat                   on every board meeting and helped to craft the company                     direction, business proposition, pricing, and marketing and    product strategies. 
● Managed the marketing budget. Developed cohort analysis               for analysing candidate acquisition and retention over time.                 Bootstrapped a community of over 500k users in less than 1                       year. Developed statistical analysis of marketing expenditure               and ROI on channels. ❖ UCL John Hobbes  Memorial Scholarship,  2006  ❖ AHRC Research Grant,  2009    TEACHING    ❖ Part­time Teacher and  Code Mentor at  ❖ Passionate about  life­long learning and  nurturing new engineers

My stack


Symfony, AngularJS, Laravel, Node.js


Teamwork, Growth Hacking


TypeScript, PHP, Python, C++, SQL, Sass, JavaScript

IT Infrastructure

Ubuntu, Unix, Linux

Open Source solutions


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


MySQL, Redis, Oracle


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Software Architect, Machine Learning, ElasticSearch

Big Data

Apache Kafka


Masters Degree, industry~it, Data Scientist, Teacher, Senior Software Engineer, Go programming language, Amazon DynamoDB, Lead Data Scientist, cohort analysis, lexical analysis, CitySprint courier, Code Mentor, Scientist, Lead developer

My education and trainings

Doctor of Philosophy, Linguistics - University College London2003 - 2012