Liviu G.

Database Administrator

555 dollar
22 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


SYSDBA ALLIANCENovember 2016 - Present

Job domain / occupation: Databases Consultancy

* Alpha Bank
* Upgrade SQL Server production infrastructure, primary site and disaster site from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2016;
* Reinstall test and development environments to align with licensing
* Encrypt all SQL Server infrastructure using MS Transparent Data Encryption
* Import AS400 core banking database to SQL Server
* Cristim Prodimpex SRL
* Consolidate all SQL Servers to a single instance SQL Server 2017;
* Configure and maintain SQL Server disaster site;
* ZenIT (subcontractor)
* Manage Sharepoint Web Farms and SQL Servers for ZenIT customers

-January 2000 - Present


  • MCTS
        - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (SQL Server 2005)

  • MCT
        - Microsoft Certified Trainer (2002, 2003, 2004)

  • MCDS
        - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (.NET Framework)

        - Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (SQL Server 2000)

  • MCAD
        - Microsoft Certified Application Developer (.NET Framework)

  • MCSE
        - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (Windows 2000)

as Microsoft Certified Trainer

  • M2071
        Querying MS SQL Server 2000 Database with T-SQL

  • M2072
        Administering a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database

  • M2073
        Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Databases

  • M2091
        Building XML Enabled Applications using MS SQL Server 2000

  • M2063
        Introduction to MS ASP.NET

  • M2640
        Upgrading Web Development Skills from ASP to ASP.NET

  • M2310
        Developing MS ASP.NET Web Applications using Visual Studio.NET

  • M2663
        Programming with XML in .NET Framework

  • M2373
        Programming with Visual Basic.NET

  • M2565
        Developing MS.NET Applications for Windows (Visual Basic.NET)

  • M1913
        Exchanging and Transforming Data using XML and XSLT


  • System

  • MS
        SQL Server 2000 Administration and Implementation;

  • Programming
        with VB 6.0;

  • ITIL

  • CLARiiON
        Host Integration and Management;

  • Project

  • Coaching;

  • Oracle
        11g Performance Tunning;


-January 2000 - Present


  • Oracle
        Database Upgrade from to at Alpha Bank România

  • Disaster
        Recovery Center Management and Test at Alpha Bank România;

  • Design
        and Implement Microsoft SQL Server applications architecture at
        Alpha Bank România;

  • Core
        Banking Migration to Flex Cube in Alpha Bank România;

  • Core
        Banking Migration to bMaster in Alpha Bank România;

  • ROL
        Denomination in ING Bank România;

  • Develop
        Web-based application for payments in ING Bank România;

  • Develop
        Web-based application for Auto Fleet Management as freelancer;

  • Develop
        Web-based application for Online Orders for Pharmacy Distributors as


Crossover, REMOTENovember 2016 - March 2019

Job domain / occupation: Databases Consolidation / SaaS

Responsibilities, Achievements
Execute databases consolidation projects on different database engines on Amazon Web Services infrastructure
Train new team members;
Document databases infrastructure;
Elaborate procedures;
Resize cloud infrastructure and installed services to fit product needs and reduce software licensing costs;

EPM Live
Consolidate 16000 databases for 50 SharePoint web farm from 40 SQL Server instances to a single instance
Consolidate 4 TB of SQL Server and Analysis Services databases on a single SQL Server Instance and configure the application environment
Kerio / GFI
Consolidate MySQL and SQL Server databases;
Manage Firebird databases;
Migrate Invoices for Kerio customers from Dynamics Great Plans to Oracle NetSuite;
Build Sales data mart using Analysis Services Tabular cubes;
Symphony Commerce
Consolidate 40 MySQL servers on a single instance using AWS DMS CDC Replication;
Migrate DynamoDB tables between AWS accounts using Data Pipelines and S3 buckets;
Consolidate MySQL and Postgres databases using dumps;
Consolidate Oracle schemas from multiple databases on a single database with AWS DMS; Continuously Replication
Consolidate 10 Postgres servers with 4 TB of data on a single instance
Migrate 7TB database with AWS DMS CDC Replication  without downtime
Consolidate 30 MySQL instances with more than 10000 databases on a single instance with AWS DMS and bash scriptsEncrypt Aurora MySQL clusters for European customers to align with GDPR requirements
Knowledge Marketing
Migrate SQL Servers from on-premise to AWS;
Downgrade SQL Server engines from Enterprise to Standard edition;
Manage SQL Server engines (maintenance plans, backup, security, configure weekly restores for Staging Environment)
Encrypt EBS Volumes to  align with GDPR requirements
DNN (DotNetNuke)
Migrate databases from Azure SQL Databases to AWS EC2 SQL Server instance
Encrypt databases on Microsoft Azure to align with DGPR requirements

Alpha BankJune 2008 - September 2017

Job domain / occupation: Banks / Financial Institutions

Responsibilities, Achievements
* Lead the Databases Administration Department: recruit, train and evaluate team members, elaborate procedures, system and process diagrams, coordinate internal IT projects;
* Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator;
* Oracle Database Administrator;
* Applications Infrastructure Architect;
* Manage licensing process for Oracle and Microsoft products

* Oracle Infrastructure upgrade from to
This project was made with Oracle Expert Services. My tasks was:
* Lead the project from Alpha Bank side;
* Elaborate hardware and software specifications;
* Active part in the servers installations process (hardware and software);
* Coordinate the teams involved in the test process;
* Active part in the upgrade process;
* Make post upgrade configurations and optimizations;
* Oracle WebLogic 11g - Active part in the installation and configuration of the servers and deploy applications process;
* Oracle Cloud 12c Enterprise Manager - Install and configure;
* PL SQL - Tuning procedures and scripts;
* Microsoft SQL Server Infrastructure upgrade
* Elaborate hardware and software specifications;
* Install the servers (hardware and software);
* Migrate and centralize databases;
* Optimize databases architecture;

Alpha BankMay 2006 - June 2008

Job domain / occupation: Banks / Financial Institutions

* Responsibilities, Achievements
* DBA Team Leader in the Core Banking Migration Project;
* SQL Server DBA (Cards, Consumer Loans, Internet Banking);
* Microsoft Windows 2003 Clustering Administration and Configuration Network Load Balancing;
* Production Environment Active Directory Management;
* Disaster Recovery Centre implementation( SQL Server 2000 Log Shipping, SQL Server 2005 Mirroring, Replication, DTS Management, Backup Strategy Implementation)

Alpha BankJanuary 2008 - January 2008

* Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Infrastructure Upgrade
* Elaborate hardware and software specifications;
* Install the servers (hardware and software);
* Elaborate Web Applications configurations procedure;
* Coordinate the upgrade process;
* Disaster Site Tests Coordinator
* Coordinate the IT Disaster Site tests;
* Elaborate failover/failback procedures;
* Design the Disaster Site Architecture for Oracle and Microsoft Applications Environments;
* Datacenter Relocation
* Coordinate the relocation of databases and applications server in the Alpha Bank Datacenter Relocation Project;
* Centralized Backup Infrastructure
* Define backup procedures for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Databases with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager;
* Alpha Bank Reports Servers administration
* Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services;
* SAP Business Objects;
* Oracle Business Intelligence 11g;
* Microsoft Analysis Services 2008;
* Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services;

ING BankNovember 2004 - April 2006

Job domain / occupation: Banks / Financial Institutions

* Responsibilities, Achievements
* Web based programming for bank using ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, SQL Server 2000;
* Data manipulations using SQL Server Data Transformation Services(DTS);
* Change existing applications writes with VB 6.0, ASP, VBScript, .NET Framework;
* Applications logs monitoring scripts SQL Server 2000 and IIS 5.0 administration for production clone( used for system testing);
* Estimations and estimations of new developments;
* Write technical documentation for my developments;

Romanian Insurance GroupApril 2002 - January 2003

Job domain / occupation: Insurances

* Responsibilities, Achievements
* Programming Web Applications using VBScript, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, SQL Server 2000
* Configuration and administration of Windows 2000 domain, VPN infrastructure, IIS, SQL Server 2000

CPI Training CenterApril 2000 - March 2002

Job domain / occupation: Education

* Responsibilities, Achievements
* Visual Basic 6.0 courses;
* Using Internet Services course

My stack


Amazon Web Services (AWS), IIS, AWS, Web Services, .NET Framework, Oracle Applications


Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Transact-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager

IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, Azure, VPN, Active Directory


Upgrading Web Development Skills, DotNetNuke, Windows Applications, Chief Software Architect -Databases, Databases Consultant, Head of Databases Department, Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator, Oracle Database Administrator, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Technology, French, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Active Server Pages, Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Analyst/Programmer, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, S3, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Visual Basic .NET, Managerial Skills, Programmer, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Oracle Toad, System Engineer, Oracle Report, Microsoft Certified Application Developer, Data Transformation Services, Applications Infrastructure Architect, Oracle Cloud 12c Enterprise Manager, Databases Administrator, DBA Team Leader, Upgrade SQL Server, Disaster Site Tests Coordinator, SQL Server applications > SQL Server applications architecture, Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (.NET Framework), ORACLE Microsoft Certified Application Developer (.NET Framework), English, Data Encryption, Backup & Recovery > Backups, Data Storage, Clustering Administration, Microsoft Visio, DTS Management, Certified Trainer


ITIL, Project Management, Coaching

Business Intelligence

SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, Oracle BI, Business Objects


T-SQL, XSLT, SQL, XML, ASP, Visual Basic, Sass, Oracle PL/SQL, VBScript

Environment of Development

Visual Studio .NET, Oracle Cloud, Oracle SQL Developer

Software testing

Quest, System testing

Application servers

Oracle Weblogic, Microsoft SharePoint

My education and trainings

Electric Engineer - Polytechnic University of Bucharest1999 - 1999