Nicu G.


530 dollar
12 years
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

My experience


MicrosoftAugust 2019 - Present

I worked on the following project:

 Office - Data Engineer(vendor)

 - Do everything from Cosmos streams to Power BI reports

 - Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Spark, Python
- Build Power BI reports - Create Kusto script.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL server, Kusto, Microsoft Azure, Databricks, Spark, Visual Studio

FreelanceNovember 2010 - Present

Specialized in all databases issues.

SchlemmerSeptember 2019 - October 2020

- Data Warehouse & Business Inteligence.

- Support the old system DWH and SSIS ETL proccesses

- Building the new DWH in Microsoft Azure to contain all factories in the Schlemmer group

- Migrating & converting Old ETL (batch scripting and SSIS) to new DWH using Azure Data Factory

- Migrating Old Reports to Power BI

- Creating new reports in Power BI

- Use DAX formulas

- Create VBA macros in Excel for enhanced features

- Source System ERP - IFS

- Build the Azure Data Factory pipelines

- Extract data from Oracle & other sources to Azure Data Lake using ADF

- Transform and import data from Data Lake to Azure Data Warehouse.
Achievements: First time working with Azure.

Technologies: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle Server, Microsoft Azure, Azure Data Factory, Pipelines, SSIS, Cognos

IBM, Oracle Server, IFS.

SiemensJune 2017 - September 2019

I worked on the following project:

ProCoT - Senior Database Developer and Project Coordinator

- Create the entire project for Siemens Hungary - from analysis to architecture & implementation
- SQL Server data processing, stored procedures, and complex SQL scripts
- Migrate data from different systems using Pentaho jobs and transformations
- Set up the SFTP for encrypting the file transfer between Siemens entities
- Colaborate on another javascript project
- Setting up the rights and security for the project in SQL Server
- Take over the same project for Siemens Germany
- Build new and enhanced features
- Using Powershell and Perl in some areas of the project

The most important achievement was to start and design a whole new project from scratch and then to manage the project and the team.

Technologies: Javascript, Pentaho ETL, MSSQL, MS Excel Macro using VBA, TFS.

Paddy Power BetfairOctober 2016 - June 2017

- I worked on building the new data warehouse for the new merged company Paddy Power Betfair (Paddy Power +

Betfair). Paddy Power had it’s data warehouse in Microsoft and Betfair had it’s data warehouse in Oracle and they

wanted to merge them into a single data warehouse in AWS Redshift. I worked for them on a temporary contract.
Achievements: First time working with AWS.

Technologies: Microsoft SQL server, Oracle Server, AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL,Talend, Mediation Zone,

Perforce, GIT.

Softvision Paradigm InternationalNovember 2014 - October 2016

I worked on the following project:
Fusion HCM - Senior Database Developer
- I work in Oracle BI on Fusion HCM. I created reports for our HR and head of HR, managers and CEO. The project was quite restricted, I was permitted to I use only some of the normal database specific commands like select, where, join and a few other keywords. needed to do the same complicated tasks but with fewer SQL commands available.

I successfully delivered all the reports even with all those restrictions which made the reports code get to thousands of lines of code

Technologies: PL/SQL, Oracle Fusion HCM.

Business Logic Systems ltdMarch 2013 - November 2014

- My second job was for Business Logic Systems, the company was British and it's products were for Telecom

Companies like Lyca Mobile, Vodafone, Go or IPTV Companies. Our clients were from East Asia(Malaysia,

Cambodgia, Brunei, Filipine, India, Bangladesh, etc), Australia, Middle East, South Africa, etc.

I was in the support team. My day to day responsability was to solve tickets. We had weekly or realtime

campaigns and my job was to intervene when there was errors or something went wrong. Our databases

were from a few tens of Gigabites to a few Terabites. Our logs where tens of terabites. Some of our clients had

hundreds of milions of record and milions of subscribers. Our database tables had hundreds of tables and

hundreds of stored procedures. The whole core of our products was in MS SQL.

Also here I was tasked with the creation of a monitoring system. I created a lot of procedures that checked

everything from the disk space to the number of sms's in the queue and to the number of rewards. I scheduled

this stored procedures in jobs with sql agent. This procedures sent Email, SMS or to write in a file and then

with a batch file that was run perioadicaly with windows scheduler i moved those files to a network location.

Also while I was working for BLS O was sent to our Clients in Malaysia for a period of 3 months working

closely with our client in order to migrate their products from one set of servers to another.

I created a successful monitoring system that helped us to our job easier

Technologies: TL/SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, BI.

US Xogito Group inc.November 2013 - November 2014

- Our client was an Energetic company from US. I had to create all the calculation and processes in the database

for all data and all reports. We communicated daily in scrum and any other meeting necessary. The sprint was two

weeks long. For any new requirements document we had a skype meeting with our client and discuss everything

and all changes.

 My major achievement was to keep the communication opened with all team members which were spread all

over Europe, and also to be able to work on Eastern US timezone 14:00-22:00

Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server.

Cylex GMBHNovember 2010 - March 2012

- My first job in databases was for Cylex. The company products were business directories. They took the data for

one country from different sources, we cleaned the data through sql queries and regular expressions for the

different sources in particular, after this step was done the following step was Double Search. In this step we

searched for the matched records from the different sources and try to make one complete final result with all the

details from the different sources.The company had one business directory for almost every country.

Here I had also other responsabilities, like teaching SQL to students from our university program and managing a

whole business directory with the chosen students that were elected to continue working with us.
Achievements: Becoming a co-TL and creating a really difficult script to correct wrong collected data.
Technologies: MS SQL, MYSQL, PHP, Drupal.
Competence and social abilities:

- Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development (70-433) Certification

- Team spirit

- Capacity to adapt to different situations

- Good communication skills

- Eager to learn new things

- Friendly

- Positive attitude

- I accommodate easily to the project

- I also worked with diverse clients.

On Remote Clients: site Clients: Celcom, Robi, MC Energy, Telstra, Astro, Celcom, Maxis, Axis, CelC

My stack

Workbench, Stored procedures, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL, Project Management, PowerShell, PostgreSQL, PL/SQL, Perforce, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle BI, Oracle Application Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Jira, JavaScript, HTML, Git, Fusion, ETL, Drupal, DevOps, Design Patterns, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Data processing, Data Mining, Data Migration, Data entry, Cognos Impromptu, Business Intelligence, Azure SQL, Apache Web Server, Amazon Web Services, Agile Methodology