My experience


Sony DADC Europe Limited from Salzburg, AustriaOctober 2013 - February 2020

As part of the Change Request team, created technical specification, did the development and performed unit testing of new requirements, quality enhancements, tuning, rollouts on the database & application.
Skills, Tools & Competencies:
* Oracle Database Development (pks/pkb/trg/prc/fnc/idx/tab/syn/etc)

* SQL Performance Optimization

* PL/SQL Tuning / Bulk Processing

* Application Development (Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Business Objects)

* Oracle Forms 10gR1 to 12c Migration / Repository Migration

* Application life cycle management - HP Mercury Quality Center

* Deep dive investigations and root cause analysis for complex and/or urgent incidents

* L3 Customer Support

Sony DADC AT/DE/UK/FR/ES/JP/AU, Harper Collins Publisher, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures Home
Entertainment, Universal Music, Paramount DE/FR/ES, Entertainment Network Scandinavia, GPS Electronic Arts, SoulFood, Studio Canal, Dreamgear etc.

Novensys Corporation from Bucharest, RomaniaJune 2012 - September 2013


* Perform customizations in Oracle EBS (DB & Apps Level).

* Perform maintenance & tuning for existing procedures.

* Develop technical solutions for reporting.

* Provide technical support

Skills, Tools & Competencies:

* Oracle E-Business Suite R11 & R12 (FA, AP, AR, eAM, INV, GL)

* Oracle Databases 10g & 11gR1

* Oracle Developer 10g, Oracle Developer 6i

* XML Publisher (XMLP)

* Oracle Workflow Builder v2.x

National Bank of Romania (NBR), Romatsa (Romanian Air Traffic Services), Romprest, GDF Suez (Romanian Branch).

Provus Service Provider from Bucharest, RomaniaDecember 2006 - October 2012


* Design & develop functional procedures and interfaces (web-based and client-server based) for managing applications based on an OLTP system done with credit and debit cards, ATMs and POSs management, PIN generation with mailers plus embossing files; reporting and data flow, fraud monitoring system

* Develop ETL tools for importing bank, MasterCard & Visa files.

* Database migration from Oracle 8i to Oracle 9i and Oracle 10gR1.

* Application migration from Oracle Developer 6i (Forms & Reports) & Oracle Developer 9i to Oracle Developer 10g

* Optimize & tune objects on the database for a faster and better functionality.

* Optimize & tune applications for a faster and better functionality.

* Design & develop regarding secure coding & standards (PCI DSS, ISO 8583, ISO 7813, OWASP, VISA & MasterCard standards etc).

Skills, Tools & Competencies:

* Oracle Databases 8.0.x, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11gR1

* Oracle Developer 10g (OAS), Oracle Developer 9i (IAS), Oracle Developer 6i

* Batch & Bash Scripting

CEC Bank, OTP Bank, Banca Românească, Libra Bank, Garanti Bank (Romanian Branch), Credit Europe Bank
(Romanian Branch), ABN AMRO (Romanian Branch), Royal Bank of Scotland (Romanian Branch), ATE Bank
(Romanian Branch), Banca Feroviară Romana, Marfin Bank, TBI Credit, AGIP (ENI Romania)

TcInf from Galati, RomaniaDecember 2001 - November 2006


* Maintain, design & develop functional procedures and client / server-based interfaces for TcInf's ERP called
``TcInf Applications'' for modules: Management of Fixed Assets, Supplies System Management, Payments
& Salaries, Invoices, Patrimony Bookkeeping'' (with ``Barcode'' module), Investments Manager, Minimal
Guarantee, Income Tracking System, Buildings Authorization, Bookkeeping of Commercial Locations

* Provide suitable fixes to procedures or applications defects.

* Develop software in accordance with agreed design with consideration for usability, quality and future maintenance.

Skills, Tools & Competencies:

* Oracle Databases 8.0.x, 8i, 9i

* Oracle Developer 2000/4.5, 6i, 9i

Atraxo Rom from Brasov, RomaniaOctober 2005 - December 2005


* Develop functional procedures and client/server-based interfaces for Fuel Management System for the Aviation Industry (Fuel Efficiency Monitoring) Release 4 for FuelPlus. Integrated fuel management system developed in close cooperation whit major airlines. The software optimizes the complete fuel management, the whole process being computerized.

* Develop software in accordance with agreed design with consideration for usability, quality and future maintenance.

Skills, Tools & Competencies:

* Oracle Database 9i

* Oracle Developer Suite

* Team Coherence

Deutsche Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, German Wings, Austrian Airlines etc

My stack

XML, Unit testing, TOAD, Teamwork, SQL, Problem Solving, PL/SQL, Performance tuning, Oracle Reports, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Developer, Oracle Applications, Oracle 9i, Oracle 8i, Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle, OLTP, Migrations, Middleware, ETL, Design, Database Design, Database and SQL tuning, CVS, Business Objects