Rajkrishna P.


135 euro
14 years
Nantes, FRANCE

My experience


Bosch SoftTec GmbHApril 2019 - Present

Continuous Delivery and Integration through Jenkins, to deliver application on Mapsim, Posmapintegration which develops vehicle tracking and detection on global positioning system for driverless cars.

Automation and scripting through Python, shell scripts and groovy to create jobs in Jenkins pipeline for mission critical delivery on map tracking software for HADWAS project.
Extraction of data through splunk from DOORS, Jenkins, the post results of Unit tests and product tests and from softwares like Mapsim to bring accuracy of positioning and improving global tracking system of cars .
Generation of reports and dynamic dashboards in splunk based on the jobs created in Jenkins, and extracting data from other data tools to create a tracking system for Software V-cycle and its lifestages. Daily maintenance and housekeeping of Linux, Ubuntu and Windows servers, Jenkins and Jenkins pipelines.
Configuring and usage of icecream software all across the Bosch Linux servers to create network parallelism to compile jobs from a build and distributes it among remote machines allowing a parallel build.
Creation of separate tooling system for Unit Test, Product Test and gtest.
Developing algorithm to extract and sort data based on the attributes of the software requirement to create dynamic graphical interfaces in splunk.
Creating blockchain devops ecosystem infrastructure to connect all the tools to maintain complete traceability, for validating application, static code analysis, code coverage, regression and testing.

​Roboeducon IncJanuary 2019 - Present

● Developed the concept of startup in robotics by developing and hosting my own website

​ http://roboeducon.com/ 

● The concept is about building robots to support and simplify household activities, as well as providing professional training on robotic and software skills to young professionals to train them well as per different industry standards

CapgeminiSeptember 2018 - January 2019

• Applying the concept of neural network and logistics to manage dynamic railway traffic, to prioritize the arrival of incoming and outgoing trains at SNCF by C++ 11 programming for future development. • Using the concept of OBU, configuring it to detect the signal communication and messages from radars and spat, and publishing it through ROS messages

• Working on C++ on programming to Lidar sensors attached on autonomous vehicle to maneuver it by detecting the foreign objects around and to maintain a specified distance from walls while its in motion.

• Publishing the dynamic status obtained from lidar sensors through ROS messages

• Involved in changing the architecture to publish the ROS messages in queue through MQTT Broker.

BA SystemesApril 2018 - September 2018

• Created the AlgoGotoXYGamma function through C++  11 and existing AGV track libraries to move the AGV directly to a new point and modify the track without restart. It follows the requirement to fit within its workspace and doesn't intersects with the AGV path.
• Used the concept of Docker across all “BA Systèmes” servers to have a universal docker image to access the running of several applications from main master server.

• Setting the CANbus, and programing the communication through C++ on compactRIO to control the AGV setup
• Working on attaching Lidar Sensor to the AGV system and retrieving  scandata from it
• Using of OpenCV and introducing a factoring in live streaming video through camera to have more stable and clearer image to target objects
• Developing algorithm to perform vision processing of the image captured by lidar sensors to create I/0 communication to signal the motion of AGV.

​University of Nebraska LincolnJanuary 2010 - April 2018

• Main TA and grader for Matlab 2006-2009, Redhat Linux 3 and 4 for a batch of 40 university students. Taught them  Solidworks and AutoCAD as tutorial. I also taught python at later stage.

-March 2009 - April 2018

Ecole Centrale de Lille and Polytech’ Lille (September 2017 – April 2018)  

Lille, France 

• Designing stabilizer through Arduino2506 to create active gimbal, performing optical image  stabilization by developing an algorithm for vision and using OpenCV for having smooth live video streaming in Robotino.

• Publishing all the messages generated for communication from Lidar sensors through ROS in Robotino

• Creating Path Detector by application of neural network and fuzzy logic to track path for robotino and Khepra IV where several obstacles are placed on its path by embedded programming on Java.

• Solidworks and Catia to design casing for Stabilizer.

• Python and Matlab Programming on FKM and IKM models to design trajectories for KRG:  KUKA, IC 180, FANUC, Tripod:  FOSTO, IRB 1000 and 2000 series robots.  

University of Nebraska Lincoln (August 2012 – December 2012)           

Lincoln, NE, USA

• Modification of TB2 (Tyler Wortman’s Robot) by adding another degree of freedom in its motion and altering its workspace to minutely operate in minimally invasive surgery.

Jadavpur University (May 2009 – August 2009)

Kolkata, India 

• Developing genetic algorithm in software modelling  to prevent sea water corrosion through Matlab and java.

VerizonDecember 2015 - June 2017

• Python programming to create an autonomous system on alert distribution in the telecom industry. Configuring and performing testing and deployment of application through Jenkins and Robotic process automation.
• Programming in Perl to facilitate Linux patching in a production environment of over 7000 VMs and 3000 physical servers. Also worked as a Linux administrator on daily housekeeping.

​KPI PartnersJuly 2015 - November 2015

• C++ programming to test the application performance on various automotive softwares, directly interacting with aerospace components to detect the right conditions for an airplane to fly. A part of the Boeing Project.

• Application of AWS, by deploying cloud servers and installing middleware applications. Creating AWS clusters to perform failover/failback testing. Using the concept of AWS to run  java applications, used for embedded systems.

​Apollo Education GroupSeptember 2014 - June 2015

• Used VMware server setup and Python coding to automate Perl scripts running on clusters to run multiple mission critical applications, and perform failover/failback on Linux systems.
• Used Java programming and jquery to create a inbuild soft robot “Edurobot” to help students select their right courses according to their skillset
• Used UML to analyse the system architectural blueprint of mission critical applications

​Cardinal HealthAugust 2013 - September 2014

• Performed Embedded C++ and java programming to create algorithm on certain medical devices such as pacemaker to programmes and identify the bug in the hard deadlines of those machines to improve their functionality. Developed work flow of such systems through simulink, and generated the feedback of such devices through python.

• Programming  to process the hard deadlines after creating the communication between Arduino board with Ultrasonic sensor HR-SR04 to maintain the communication of Ultrasonic bursts for certain medical devices.

​Deutsche BankJanuary 2013 - July 2013

• Mathematical modelling through Matlab and programmed in Python to find statistical solutions in bank mortgages and stocks. Finding functions by applying data models for best fit situations.

My stack

ZeroMQ, VMWare, Ubuntu, Python, OpenCV, MQTT, Matlab, Linux, Labview, Jenkins, Java, GitLab, GitHub, Docker, DevOps, C/C++, AWS, AutoCAD, Ansible