Walid K.

Devops Engineer

760 dollar
3 years
Toulouse, FRANCE

My experience


Alten for AirbusApril 2021 - Present

DevOps activity within the System team of the Prometheus project.
Main tasks

* Development of scripts and stacks to deploy the project infrastructure.

* Development of reusable scripts and stacks by developers to facilitate the deployment of resources required for specific workflows.

* Maintenance and developments on the pipelines (tests, Code quality, Security scans, etc.)

* Implementation of automated backup solutions.

* Support of Dev teams in various issues encountered on pipelines and AWS.
Tools / Technical environment

Technofy for AirbusAugust 2020 - April 2021

AWS, Jenkins, terraform, Python CDK, DevOps Engineer    
Net / Sec for PCP (Public Cloud Platform). Management of the deployments of the connectivity part of AWS application accounts with the AIRBUS NETWORK.
Main tasks

* Maintenance and continuous evolution of Network and VPN connectivity stack deployments pipelines.

* Development of terraform scripts and modules and integration into pipelines to meet new needs / functionalities.

* Participation in the migration of Hybrid DNS: Classic DNS servers = Route 53 Resolver.

* Improvements on a Serverless solution from Mass Apply for targeted updates to the AWS infrastructure.

* Assistance in responding to incidents in an emergency context.
Tools / Technical environment
AWS, Jenkins, terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Python

Technofy for AirbusApril 2020 - July 2020

SkyPaas project: an application portal for in-flight use for company passengers airline and a marketplace for airlines.
Main tasks

* Development of terraform and Helm charts modules for the deployment of the EKS cluster and the project dependencies (Vault, Consul, ipsec, kube2iam, external dns etc...)

* Setting up multi-environment Jenkins pipelines for deployments of EKS clusters and project dependencies.

* Configuration of Kubernetes / Vault authentication and injection of secrets / certificates into pods.

* Development of PSP (pod security policies) and iam policies to guarantee the principle of least privilege.
Tools / Technical environment
AWS, Kubernetes, terraform, helm, Jenkins

Akka TechnologiesFebruary 2019 - March 2020

Internal project for the optimization of the company's AWS account.
Main tasks

* Setting up a Lab account for training.

* Implementation of policies and roles for access management.

* Deployment of a solution for the governance of resources (creation of tags, scheduled shutdown and deletion of unused resources)

* Training Tools / Technical
AWS, Cloud Custodian, Python

Akka TechnologiesMarch 2019 - December 2019

DevOps activities in the MINDS project (Big Data / Data Science).
Main tasks

* Implementation of a CI / CD solution for Lambdas functions

* Development of Lambda for real-time data archiving.

* Implementation of a weekly synchronization solution for data archived on S3 with the Continental Data
Lake as well as the deletion of old archives after verifications.

* Development of scripts for archiving catch-up and cleaning of non-archived data

* Maintenance automation and weekly backup of InfluxDB / Grafana servers

* Implementation of a failure recovery solution for influxDB / Grafana servers

* Analysis of Elasticsearch shards and automation of index snapshots

* Documentation Tools /

AirbusApril 2018 - October 2018

End of studies internship in the Public Cloud & DevOps department, part of the Digital Accelerator.

* Development of reusable deployment scripts / templates for Public Cloud platform customers: Legacy &
Serverless architectures.

* Automation of infrastructure deployment and testing through a CI / CD Pipline.

* Documentation of scripts to facilitate their use and Indicate best practices.
Tools / Technical environment

* AWS, Airbus Public Cloud Platform, Terraform, Cloudformation, PCP SDK (Python), Jenkins, awspec DevOps

MillsoftJanuary 2017 - January 2017

* Implementation of a POC for a CI / CD pipeline to automate containerized deployments.

* Development of some modules of an application to test the implemented Pipeline.

Technical environment

* Github, Jenkins, Docker, .Net Core

My stack

Big Data

Big Data





IT Infrastructure

KVM, Docker, Terraform, Hyper-V, Git

Analysis methods and tools



Prometheus, GitHub, Consul, Problem Solving


Software Development, AWS

Open Source solutions

Qt, Kubernetes, OpenStack


Shell Scripting, Python, C++


Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate, Amazon Web Services, Development of terraform scripts and modules, Development of scripts and stacks, Cloud / DevOps Engineer, Computer engineering; Cloud Computing, Development of reusable scripts and stacks, Implementation of policies and roles, Development of terraform and Helm, deployment of the EKS cluster and the project dependencies, Development of reusable deployment scripts / templates, Analysis of Elasticsearch shards and automation, infrastructure deployment and testing, efficient processing and management, Cloud Custodian, UML/OMT, English, Engineer, Microsoft .NET Technology, French, Arabic, Developer, TOEIC, freelance, Product Development, industry~engineering, DevOps engineer, Diploma > Diploma National Engineering, Identity and Access Management, Backup & Recovery > Backups, Consultant DevOps, Python Programming, Certified Solutions Architect, Certified Developer - Associate, Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

My education and trainings

Computer engineering, Cloud Computing - Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology2018