Gopalakrishnan S.

Devops Engineer

80 dollar
9 years
Bangalore, INDIA

My experience


AccentureNovember 2015 - Present

Project & Assignment Description
* Performing weekly code deployment to the applications.
* Working with Jenkins for CI and job scheduling activities.
* Hands on experience in performing instance migration using vmotion.
* Hands on experience in performing the vm rebalancing across the nodes in vmware.
* Hands on experience with Elastic search and Redis.
* Hands on experience in maintaining AWS infrastructure.
* Performed SLES version upgrade to the VM's
* Setup centralized log storage management using Kibana, Elasticsearch and log stash.
* Built Capistrano and Ansible tasks to check the availability of required services and process running status for the application.
* Working with various teams to ensure the application has been correctly integrated with various levels of modules.
* Hands on experience in working with change tickets, incident tickets, cutovers which includes OS version upgrade and new environment build setup for the applications.
* Working with docker containers and Ha Proxy to handle the microservice requests comes into the application.

CSS CORPJuly 2014 - November 2015

Project & Assignment Description
* Experienced in deploying and managing servers across multiple data centers in cloud-based platform
* Provided technical support to the end customer's infrastructure hosted in GoGrid cloud platform.
* Installation/upgrade of RAID firmware like LSI, 3Ware, Adaptec, MegaRAID, DELL PowerEdge.
* Data recovery from corrupted servers using iso.
* Analyzing and solving BSOD and kernel panic errors.
* DNS configuration (Domain parking, adding/updating records and rDNS configuration).
* Managed firewall rules in Fortinet manager in multi-customer environment.
* Knowledge in taking full, incremental, daily backups using R1Soft and Bacula backup tools.

People GroupDecember 2012 - June 2014

Project & Assignment Description
* Responsible for network architecture, included of Storage and Firewall servers.
* Responsible for Configuring and troubleshooting Routers and Switches.
* Installed and Configured PF Sense Firewall server in Live Production Environment.
* Configured Squid Proxy server on firewall to block unauthorized site access to the users.
* Written firewall and Nat rules to prevent unauthorized access from other networks.
* Hands on experience in Free NAS storage.
* Written script for Monitoring ISP Bandwidth Issues over the network.
* Configured Nagios server to monitor the status of remote servers and network issues.
* Provided support to the users with the help of internal ticketing system.

My stack

Open Source solutions






IT Infrastructure

Nagios, Firewalls, Linux, Docker, Chef, Nginx


GitHub, Kibana, Technical Support


AWS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ElasticSearch

Analysis methods and tools


Application servers

Apache Web Server


Backup & Recovery > Recovery > Data Recovery, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Backup & Recovery > Backups, Bandwidth, Data Center Specialist, Certified Solution Architect - Associate, various monitoring, Network architecture, a DevOps Engineer, weekly code deployment, Capistrano environments, industry~it, Network Appliance, Installed and Configured PF Sense Firewall server in Live Production Environment, Associate Domain Specialist, Sr. Analyst, ISP, VMware Certified Professional, Masters Degree > Master of Computing, Router, Domain Name Server Protocol, System administrator, Manager, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

My education and trainings

Master of Computing - Sri Venkateshwara College