Vijaykumar K.


79 euro
6 years
Bangalore, INDIA

My experience


Altair Engg Inc.February 2017 - Present

* Setup and Administration of Jenkins CI Build Server

* Maintains 20+ nodes for Build Environment

* Setup of CI/CD automated pipelines through Jenkins

* Grafana and Prometheus for visualization of Jenkins server metrics

* Daily/nightly/weekly Jenkins builds for different code lines on windows & Linux platforms

* Deploy Release builds to customer download locations

* Version the update Jenkins config to Github

* Backup strategy for Release and QAB Builds

* Associated in setting up Internal gitolite git server for team

* Jenkins Migration

* Troubleshoot build and deployment issues

* Worked along with Dev and QA for test harness tool with Kubernetes-Ansible

AltairOneDecember 2019 - Present

* Build docker images for AltairOne product through jenkins builds

* Packaged docker Images with InstallerAnywhere tool

* Docker compose setup for multi-container docker applications in the installer

* Release document notes along with installer

My stack

Troubleshooting, Shell, Regression testing, Project Management, Nagios, Linux, Kubernetes, Jira, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Git, Docker, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Chef, Azure Blob Storage, Azure, AWS, Analytics, Amazon Web Services (AWS)