AKash V.

Devops Engineer

555 dollar

My experience


Quotient Technologies India Pvt LtdSeptember 2020 - Present

* Data Centre migration from LV1 to IAD
Automation for VMWARE infra provisioning, application migration in Ansible. CD setup for new environments in IBM UCD. Continuous Monitoring setup for new infra and its automation in ansible for Nagios tool.

* Inlane Printing: GCP project complete maintenance and new infra provisioning automation using terraform.
CD deployment setup for Microservices using GCP deployment for creating, updating GKE clusters.

* QUACK: Organization details provider and recurring issue resolving chatbot with Google NLP service and python flask backend service.

* WSFTP setup for IAD environment, On premise to GCP bucket data transfer setup and its retrieval automation, GCP bucket object life cycle setup.

* Mercurial to Github migration and its automation in shell script. All Jenkins jobs restructuring new declarative pipelines for each CI jobs.

* Vulnerability patching automation for all cloud and VMWARE infra, using Jenkins, IBM UCD and Ansible.

* Provide complete support to SRE, product and release management teams for release, infra and applications issues for DEV, QA and Production environments

Zycus Infotech Pvt LtdMarch 2018 - August 2019

* Made Splunk universal forwarder installation setup automation in Ansible. Splunk apps, index and sourcetype configuration automation in ansible.

* Made CICD for AI based product Merlin-AI in Ansible with Jenkins pipeline job. Maintained large data file models with tool DVC.

* Made Continuous deployment and ERT compatibility process for 9 Products (DewDrops-Common, DewDrops-
Common-Services, DewDrops-LMT, DewDrops-LMT-Services, ZygrateSecurity, Zygrate Outbound services, DewDrops, iPerform and GDS) Automation scripts in Ansible and deployment through Jenkins pipeline
* Ported existing CI of product eInvoice over Docker Containers with Jenkjns pipeline job
* Gitlab Migration from version 8.5.0 to 10.5.0 through complete automation in shell script and Jenkins freestyle job.

* Done complete setup for 3 new environments (QC, SIT and DEVD) similar to production environments.

* Icinga2 version upgrade 2.6 to 2.8, complete automation in Ansible and Jenkins pipeline job. Resolving issues related to installation and upgrade.

* Made Data archival process for integration product through flyway, automation scripts in Ansible and Jenkins pipeline job.
* Complete Jenkins and Gitlab Administration.
* Gitlab custom hooks for post deployment process, file validation and access control in shell scripts.

* Provide complete support to App-support team for issues related to monitoring (Icinga2 and Appdynamics) and product ERT process.

* Provide complete support to product and release management teams for deployment and ERT related issue.
Troubleshooting the issue related to products (50+) web, application, middleware (ActiveMq, Solr, Zookeeper, Redis) servers.

Just DialAugust 2017 - February 2018

* Made Continuous Deployment process on data Janus servers in shell scripts.

* Maintenance of Continuous deployment process for JdOmni product.

* Server Monitoring with Nagios, Netdata.

* Automating process with shell scripting.

* Given support on Linux Server Centos, Redhat (Boot Settings, Iptables, DNS, DHCP, Apache, Mail- Postfix, NFS, FTP, Samba, Syslog, Logrotate, Nginx, User and Group Settings, File Permissions, MySQL, Tomcat, Apache ANT, Apache Subversion, Jenkins) Configuration, installation and Troubleshooting.

* Troubleshooting the issues related to product on application servers (nginx, http, https, haproxy etc.).

My stack






Continuous Deployment, Consul, Bitbucket, Release Management, GitHub, Prometheus, Troubleshooting

Software testing

Jira 5.1


MySQL, Redis, SQLite

IT Infrastructure

Azure, VMware, Nagios, Samba, Linux, Ubuntu, Ansible, CentOS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), HAProxy, Docker, Icinga, Nginx, Azure Cloud, Linux Red Hat, Git

Analysis methods and tools

Ant, Apache Maven, DevOps


Shell Scripting, Groovy

Application servers

Zookeeper, Apache Web Server


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Jboss, Mercurial, AWS, Solr, ActiveMQ

Environment of Development


Open Source solutions



server monitoring, GDS, DevOps engineer, Network File System, configuration, complete support, Diploma > Diploma IT, Linux System Administrator, Microsoft Windows, German, English, industry~it, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Dynamic Host Control protocol, post deployment, Domain Name Server Protocol, IBM Hardware, Made Continuous deployment, GCP deployment, Apache Subversion, Artifact Management, Back End, Information Technology, given support, Blue, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Technology > Bachelor of Technology Electronics and Communication, Indian > Hindi, operating systems, database management, Mongo, Installation, Data Centre, Nexus Technology, complete maintenance, Python Programming, Application Servers

My education and trainings

Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication - Moradabad Institute of Technology