Mohamed H.

Embedded Software Developer

280 dollar
2 years

My experience


El Sewedy ElectrometerNovember 2019 - Present

El Sewedy Electrometer * Acting as a team leader for team of juniors to enhance and develop many types of ANSI standard electric meters.
* Supporting my team to fix the bugs, refactor the old projects and develop new modules.
* Collaborate with Hardware team and Desktop software team to ensure integrity and interoperability.
Embedded Software Engineer Orange Lab Egypt Jan 2019: Nov 2019
(project base contract)

* Implementing and fix firmware components on the STM32-ARM controller based on free-RTOS.
* Designing and implementing modules to be used as a part of an IoT device SDK
* Refactor and test GPS (ublox M8) module and add the sleep mode feature.
* Add ADC, Battery monitor, and Internal Temperature sensor modules.
* Create Demos applications for many features like temperature sensor, battery monitor, GPS and external flash modules.
* Contribute with the CAN/CAN-Open and BLE modules.
* Design and Implement a multi-task communication application based on free RTOS to control CAN module active/idle state according to Accelerometer detections.

SoftlockDecember 2018 - December 2018

* Develop and Bug fixing with Embedded System team on projects:-
``Softlock Smart Card Operating System (SLCOS) using the Infineon controller''
* Develop an EEPROM module based on (linked list) with compaction.
* Add MMU module . to the OS, and start to support native applications.
* Import File system
* Global Platform module Card Specification {Security Domain - Command Dispatcher - Content Manger}.
* Infineon Contact Communication module, Smart Card ISO 7816.
* Integrate Next fingerprint sensor with Infineon using SPI.
* Run the test machine ``Galitt'' then start debugging sessions to generate scenario and fix the bugs
* DES (64) Cryptography algorithm using 8051.

RoboWayJanuary 2017 - January 2017

* Responsible for teaching Robotics and Embedded Systems for graduated and under graduated students.
* Coaching Teams at robotics competitions.
* Design and update Curriculums.
* Prepare the new Instructors.

My stack

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BlueTooth Low Energy

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Command Dispatcher, Advanced RISC Machine (ARM), Software Engineer, Testing, Develop an EEPROM module, Senior Embedded Software Engineer, Robotics and Embedded Instructor, Content Manger, a judge, Robotics Coach, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Science > Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, develop new modules, Microprocessors, Internet of Things, Embedded software Engineer, advisor, A Levels/Grades > Scottish Highers, a team leader, Programmable Interrupt Controler (PIC), Programmable Logic Controller, Co-Founder, Intel Assembler, communication skills, Global Positioning System, industry~it, C Programming Language