Jim M.

Embedded Software Developer

690 dollar
31 years
Virginia Beach, UNITED STATES

My experience

Jim MacDiarmidApril 2012 - Present


Triple CrownSeptember 2018 - November 2018

Remote PHP/Laravel Web Developer with ProManage, Inc. a Financial Investment Solutions SaaS provider based in Chicago, Illinois.

* Designed and developed new functionality for an Investment analysis and recommendations software which provided retirement plan investment solutions for external client subscriber as well as their employees. Tools and technologies use: PHP, MySQL, Laravel 4.2, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, PHPStorm, Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

LeidosAugust 2010 - June 2017

Responsible for managing the technical and operational aspects of the software build processes on the AHLTA project, a centralized multi-tiered medical records system developed for and used by medical providers of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and all branches of the military.
•    Designed, developed, debugged, fixed, refactored and tested multiple software applications, components and other tools:
o    AHLTABuilder - A multithreaded tool used to automate the AHLTA software build process.
o    AHLTA Source Code Spell Checker - A multi-threaded tool used to automate spell checking source code using the Microsoft Word Spell check API.
o    Custom NAnt tasks – Added functionality specific to the AHLTA build process and not directly supported by the NAnt build automation tool.
o    InstallShield Custom Actions – Added functionality specific to the installation of AHLTA and not directly supported by the Windows MSI installer.
•    Analyzed, debugged, refactored, and tested new and existing code to improve readability, reusability, streamline processing and reduced maintenance time.
•    Developed automated hybrid 32-bit and 64-bit packaging deployment process using industry standard InstallShield 2014 Professional packaging software.
•    Implemented two continuous integration servers using TeamCity to automate the test builds of VB6 and .NET source code, and alert developers to any errors that occurred during the nightly build process.
•    Developed and maintained end-user operations documentation and technical documentation describing build server system configuration and setup.
•    Technologies used: Visual Studio 2015, C#, .NET Framework 4.6, OOP and SOLID design patterns, XML, XSLT, C++, Win32 API, Microsoft Word automation, the Windows Installer Deployment Tool Foundation API, NAnt scripting engine, InstallShield, and TeamCity.

HP Software (Formerly known as Electronic Data Systems, Inc.)July 2008 - November 2009

• Performed maintenance and enhancement programming on a large legacy classic ASP application called the National File Tracking System which was developed for the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Citizen and Immigration Service, as well as other related agencies.
• Performed software packaging and server installation using the Microsoft Open Source tool set ‘WiX’ – Windows Installer XML used to develop Windows installation packaging from XML source code.
• Performed ad hoc development on multiple in-house tools in Visual Basic 6 to generate reports in Excel format as well as to assist the Help Desk to perform routine data fixes.

CACIOctober 2007 - January 2008

• Performed maintenance and enhancement programming on a large legacy classic ASP resource and

accounting application that was developed for the U.S. Army.

CGI FederalJanuary 2007 - May 2007

• Performed maintenance and enhancement on a large Active Server Page Healthcare Management System as directed by customer requirements (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).
• Performed maintenance and enhancement on Health Plan Bid Pricing Tool developed in Visual Basic 6 and using Excel automation to process data stored Excel spreadsheets.

Perot Systems Government ServicesSeptember 2005 - August 2006

• Performed maintenance and enhancement programming on a large legacy classic ASP resource and accounting application that was developed for the U.S. Army.
• Handled the automation of downloading fiscal data for processing using Visual Basic 6.

Sierrabay Technology GroupApril 2005 - July 2005

• Performed maintenance and enhancement programming on a large Abstract Management web application developed in Classic ASP and Visual Basic 6, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for the back-end repository.
• Developed ADHOC and custom reporting for the client community using Crystal Reports 9.
• Assisted in the analysis, research and design phase for migrating Classic ASP legacy web applications to the .NET platform.
• Provided technical phone support for 50+ clients.

Coure-TechnologiesFebruary 2005 - March 2005

• Performed research analysis on migrating a legacy Classic ASP web application to .NET.
• Performed front-end forms design and development for an existing Classic ASP application.

Best BuyApril 2003 - November 2004

• Perfomed PC setups, repaired and upgraded IBM-compatible PCs, and installed hardware and software components.
• Provided support to customers to determine computer solutions that met needs.
• Responsible for the check-in and testing of computer products to be serviced.
• Responsible for taking returns and exchangeable merchandise.

Pacel Corp, IncFebruary 1997 - July 2002

• Provided systems analysis, design and coding to full software development life-cycle.
• Analyzed tasks and conducted customer interviews.
• Assessed and documented new or modified project requirements.
• Conducted weekly code reviews and provided system documentation as required.
• Provided daily technical guidance and oversight, interpreted and applied technical requirements and performed project status reporting.
• Designed and developed Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for projects.
• Completed major product release, meeting very aggressive, externally committed schedule and budget.
• Designed and developed graphical user interfaces, custom ActiveX controls and ActiveX DLLs to encapsulate business functionality. Used of the Win32 API to manipulate Windows operating system.
• Developed application installs for both boxed media as well as downloadable from the Internet using the industry standard InstallShield software. This included the design and coding of custom installation scripts, dialogs and setup configurations for multiple platforms.
• Wrote end-user help documentation for online, printed and portable document format (PDF).
• Lead Developer in four (4) major projects designed and implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic 6: WinSentry, ChildWatch Lite, ChildWatch, and ChildWatch Professional.
• Designed and implemented corporate Intranet for sharing company information among subsidiary branches.

American Management Systems, Inc.August 1998 - February 1999

• Processed and administered 7 OLAP financial databases used by various upper-level management, and Finance and Accounting Departments.
• Maintained monthly Preliminary and Finals Financial databases.

American Mobile Satellite CorporationMarch 1995 - April 1998


• Maintained and enhanced AMSC's in-house satellite call billing system and inventory/order tracking system
• Provided ad hoc reporting to upper-level management.
• Processed monthly billing, which included invoice generation and calls detail summary reports, both printed and in electronic format for 80-90 customers.
PC Client Services Technician
• Responsible for the setup and installation of hardware and software, repair and maintaining personal computers (PCs) for 300+ in-house users.
• Assisted in-house users with issues arising from everyday computer use including software support, and data recovery.

Help Desk
• Provided technical phone support to the AMSC client community in the following areas: hardware issues and software applications issues.

International Computer NetworksFebruary 1987 - February 1995

Inventory and Financial Systems Programmer
• Maintained and enhanced in-house accounting and inventory management system.
• Assisted in the design and implementation of the company's Electronic Data Interchange purchase order system.

Network Administrator
• Provided PC Desktop support for 70+ in-house clients including 3 remote branch stores running Windows 3.1, Microsoft Mail, and Microsoft Excel on a Novell Netware LAN.
• Installed and configured Carbon Copy dial-up software to allow remote branch stores to dial into the corporate office.

Field Service PC Technician
• Provided PC Desktop Support at customer sites
• Maintained, upgraded and repaired PC hardware and peripheral devices
• Performed On-site installation and configuration of Novel Local Area Networks, connections, and cabling at customer sites
• Performed troubleshooting on system failures and identified bottlenecks to ensure long-term efficiency of network

PC Technician
• Provided maintenance and system upgrades for customers on most IBM-compatible computers on a walk-in.

PC QA Technician/QA Supervisor /
• Responsible for the value-added configuration, "Burn-ins" of newly purchased PCs, as well as software installs.

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jQuery, AJAX, .NET

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ASP.NET, HTML5, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Visual Basic, C/C++, VBScript, XML, C#

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Visual Studio

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