Ovidiu M.


563 euro
9 years

My experience


InfosysMarch 2018 - August 2019

• Adding value to Software Development life-cycle stages
• Create detailed design artifacts like program specifications, test plans
• Independently develop and review code and contribute to the go-live plan
• Fixing defects in production for e-commerce web applications and mobile
• Deploy/configure/develop/support features in Salesforce.com application
• Building pages for e-commerce applications and configure feeds properly

UST GlobalJune 2017 - March 2018

• BIOS Automation Developer
• Python Developer
• Applying Behavior Driven Development
• C++ Developer
• Implementing BIOS Automation test cases using Python, and Gherkin
• Participate in daily stand-up meeting and reporting the work status
• Implement unit tests with Python for BIOS Automation
• Development tools used: PyCharm, Perforce, Smart Bear – Collaborator, Jama, TTK, Vetra Box
• Python Developer writing automation on linux, Fedora, Windows
• Writing REST api for failure analyzer tool
• Develop failure analyzer tools using Object Oriented Design and Python
• Develop tools to report results for testing software and analyze the failures
• Developing automation for Windows 10 and IoT and running the tests on TWS testing engine

Compunnel StaffingJanuary 2017 - June 2017

• Implementing WinIoT automation framework in PowerShell, Python for Joule 570x, WinIoT platform.
• Installing drivers and Firmware on Joule 570x devices
• Throubleshutting drivers and firmware
• Installing Operating System on Joule 570x
• Writing automation platform on Joule 570x using Powershell and Python technology
• Writing programms to test memory, cpu and disk using C, and C++
• Instlling Windows Server 2016 on Testing Lab Network
• Installing Hyper-V virtual machines on Windows Server 2016
• Installing Windows 10 and Ubuntu on virtual machines
• Creating Test environment on the server and virtual machines to be able to run automation scripts written in PowerShell, Python, C, C++ and C#
• Writing Universal Applications on WinIoT platform
• Writing scripts to measure the performance of WinIoT platform operations
• Writing reports to reflect the reliability and stability of the Joule 570x devices

Ampcus IncApril 2016 - August 2016

• Installing drivers and firmware in test target with Intel processors, PCH, Beagle I2C, Aardvark devices, eight relays (Power Button, Reset Button, Clear CMOS, ME Recovery, FOJ Button, Manufacture Relay, Chipset Reset, Flash Drive Relay), Saleae Logic Analyzer Device, Monitor Serial Port, Keyboard Serial Port
• Running/Troubleshooting C# test scripts in Cloud application
• Running/Troubleshooting Python test scripts in Cloud application
• Installing/troubleshooting Wind River Simics
• Running test scripts with Wind River Simics
• Configure IPMI, IPC and Diagnostic bus interfaces for Intel hardware

TEKsystemsFebruary 2015 - March 2016

• Daily stand-up meeting reporting progress on the automation and performance testing for nike.net
• Writing UI Automation scripts to cover the nike.net application
• Writing Performance Testing scripts to measure the nike.net application performance respond time
• Writing java application tool for monitoring the resources on the nike.net servers
• Releasing daily reports for ui automation and performance suites
• Leading the UI Automation and Performance testing for nike.net application which places about $13 billions orders for 2015
• Sprint release every 2 weeks
• Groovy, Spock, Geb, gradle, Saucelabs, jMeter,fasterxml/json, IntelliJ IDEA, Version One

McKesson Health SolutionsJanuary 2012 - February 2015

• Technical Writing
• Create Testing Strategy Documents
• Standard operating Procedures Documents
• Reviewing Requirements Documents
• Create Reports Documents
• Write Test Scenario an Test Cases
• Create Test Strategy for Java Client-Server Application - Contract manager
• Written Java Selenium/Fluentlenium Scripts; QTP scripts with Visual Basic Script; soapUI scripts; web services test scripts in C#
• Configure/Deploy Client-Server Java Applications
• Setting Complex Configuration of Single Sign on using SAML 2.0 on OpenAm, OpenIdp, WSO 4.0
• Troubleshoot single Sign On using Spnego
• Maintaining Virtual Windows and linux Machines
• Leading and designing the Regression Testing Automation for McKesson Contract Manager application

FiservFebruary 2010 - January 2012

• Network Deploying build versions on Tomcat and Glassfish, Linux platform – SUSE, RHEL
• Designing, writing, and executing test cases in XML files as an input for TAF (Test Automation Framework, specific to Fiserv’s Acumen product), an engine using the application’s API written in Java.
• Actively participating as Software Developer Engineer (Test) in Life Cycle of Acumen – Financial Delivery
• Software implementing SCRUM – Agile Methodology 
• Write Test Scenarios in C# for web services testing jobs run successfully on Batch Processing server
• Testing Encryption Algorithms 
• Install SUSE, RHEL, Oracle 11g, Microsoft SQL Server on physical and virtual machines
• Written SQL Queries using Oracle
• Maintaining code using Eclipse, Visual Studio, and NetBeans
• Test automatically generated pdf documents in Credit Union Bank - Financial Delivering System

My stack

XML, VB.NET, Tomcat, Testing, SQL, Software Development, Smalltalk, SDLC, Scrum, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, React.js, Python, Prolog, PHP, Perl, Oracle SQL, OpenGL, Linux, Kubernetes, JSP, JMeter, JavaScript, Java, IntelliJ Idea, HTML, Groovy, Gradle, Eclipse, Docker, Debugging, CSS, C++, C#, Akamai, Agile Methodology