Radhiya A.


561 dollar
5 years

My experience

The Research ClubOctober 2019 - Present


M/S HectranetNovember 2017 - April 2019

* Development and Training: Designed queries using SQL to elicit relevant customer information for development of reports utilized by marketing in forecasting, trending and results analysis. Trained new employees on existing implementations to facilitate product development and functioning.

* Requirement Gathering and Analysis: Performed statistical analysis, documented business requirements and created visualization reports and dashboards which improved overall ROI and User Experience by 55%.

* Continuous Improvement: Optimized online marketing performance in terms of revenue, ROI and other KPIs by creating and designing new email templates. Performed Digital Marketing Analytics and proposed strategic problem-solving skills to ensure 35% improvement in email marketing.

IIT HyderabadMay 2016 - April 2017

* Agent Based Modelling and Simulation: Developed a data analysis tool using Python to assist healthcare authorities in tackling an epidemic outbreak and to curb its further spread. Also designed an Agent-Based Model for the simulation and monitoring of the Influenza epidemic.

* Data Gathering and Research : Studied varying metrics for the simulation of mathematical epidemic models as well as researched compartmental modeling techniques for the implementation of Data Analytics tool. In addition to that, implemented a Statistical Model Checker in Python for the analysis of stochastic system using Hypothesis Testing.

Academic Projects

* Classification of Customers using Bank Marketing Data: Performed analysis on the Bank Market Data to identify the
possible future clients that would subscribe to Term Deposit with metrics like age, job type, marital status and statistics of Bank
Campaigning activities. Utilized R to clean and process the dataset and performed visualizations through stories using Tableau.
Implemented and compared varying Machine Learning Strategies to try and look for the best method for the data prediction. (Nov '19)

* Natural Language Processing / Social Media Analytics: Devised an automatic Part of Speech Tagger for Facebook Corpus comprising of code-mixed Konkani English social media text. Created standard dataset of 5088 code-mixed sentences for building supervised models of shallow parsing. Examined and researched distinct POS Tagging Techniques and statistical methods to increase the accuracy of Konkani English POS Tagger. Annotated and normalized around 4000 Facebook posts for Data

My stack

SQL, Social Media, SAS, Research, Python, PyCharm, Problem Solving, NoSQL, MS Excel, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Machine Learning, HTML, Eclipse, Data analysis, C/C++, C++, Analysis