Jimmy Y.

Front End Developer

690 dollar
9 years
Edmonton, CANADA

My experience


Self Employed, FreelanceJune 2018 - Present

- Launched various projects and MVPs for clients.
- Developed a platform to deliver video and geolocation data directly to dispatched police
officers to decrease response time and increase office safety.
- Created a real-time communication platform for a finance group to syndicate stock
market analysis and trade alerts to hundreds of subscribers daily.
- Put out several fires from previous developers that had either not finished the job or
had failed to meet the specific needs of the client.
- Deployed autoscaling cloud applications that needed to support millions of monthly
active users.
- Created a compliance platform that utilized blockchain technology to provide proof of
- Developed a platform to ingest data from all over the internet and combine it into a
central data repository.
- Worked as the key architect on the Optimizely JavaScript SDK that is embedded in
thousands of websites.

FreelanceFebruary 2015 - June 2018

- Worked with the Agile team to launch an internationalized eCommerce site.
- Internationalized SEO.
- Improved the A/B testing framework on client and server.
- Designed and implemented a Jenkins pipeline to synchronize website translations with
the third-party service.
- Created ways for users to filter items based on location.
- Supported multi-media messaging on a platform with over 25 million monthly active
- Migrated 8 million chat histories to a new DynamoDB store with zero downtime.
- Supported incremental adoption of GraphQL across a React.js front-end.
- Implemented message composition screens to allow for file attachments, integrations,
and message reactions.
- Implemented user avatar image upload and display

FreelanceJuly 2012 - February 2015

- Worked in an Agile environment.
- Improved application architecture.
- Based the UX on Bootstrap.
- Facilitated the CI/CD working environment through Jenkins and VSTS.
- Worked with various mini SPAs built with Angular.
- Built out client-side eCommerce product search and order capabilities utilizing Angular.
- Developed a reusable service layer that was used to do all communication with the backend API.
- Built a multi-tenant internal front- and back-end web application that was used to
manage internal users and machine resources

My stack


Django, jQuery, Node.js, Laravel, Angular, Express.js, Bootstrap

IT Infrastructure



Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS


React.js, Ember.js, Vue.js

My education and trainings

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science - University of Alberta2007 - 2011