Andrew C.

Front End Developer

555 dollar
7 years
Toronto, CANADA

My experience

Gun.ioAugust 2020 - Present


BeeLiked Media LtdFebruary 2020 - August 2020

Developed Interactive Marketing Platform with a small team.

- Refactor legacy PHP based platform to React.js/Redux system

- Develop Internal Campaign Studio in the platform to create their campaign exactly how they want it, to brand, without them having to learn or design anything.

- Enhance User Experience by implementing different types of animation using CSSTransition, GSAP

- Implement Unit/Integration/E2E Test in the platform


HashCash ConsultantsJuly 2018 - January 2020

Worked on a diverse set of full stack technologies including experience with React.js, Redux, Node.js, Python, scripting and low level system coding.

- Build NFT marketplace project front-end using React.js, Redux.js & REST API using Python/Flask

• Experience working with contract oriented scripting language like Solidity.

• Strong understanding of the cryptographic principles underpinning Of Blockchain technologies.

• Understanding of cryptography, symmetric/asymmetric (public/private key), hash functions, encryption/signatures.


DatatronOctober 2016 - September 2019

• Built the product frontend in React.js, Redux

• Built and provided documentation for various modular, reusable, and composable components in React.js to increase developer productivity as well as codebase maintainability

• Refactored, fixed, and pushed new code for various features spanning frontend UI to backend Python Flask and Apache Airflow services to ensure a well maintained, responsive, and flexible codebase as product goals evolve to meet various customer needs and use cases

• Worked in a team to help vet, support, and troubleshoot pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment of the Datatron platform on customer networks.

• Vet and screen candidates via technical phone and onsite interviews.

• Discovered and fixed backend vulnerability that allowed for arbitrary code execution

Siemens PLM SoftwareDecember 2014 - June 2016

My stack


Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Sass, Less, CSS, HTML5


Bootstrap, Django, Node.js, Redux

Analysis methods and tools


Software testing



NoSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, PostGreSQL

Open Source solutions


IT Infrastructure

Linux, MacOS

Big Data



Communication, Troubleshooting, Leadership


AWS, Sequelize.js, Zurb Foundation, Express, SCSS, REST API, Babel.js, React.js

My education and trainings

Formation - LinkedIn

Bachelors Degree, Computer Science - Boston University2009 - 2013