Shaojiang C.


488 euro
5 years

My experience


European Bioinformatics InstituteJune 2016 - June 2017

* A focused front-end developer of Europe PMC. The application provides 32 million research abstracts and 3.9 million full text papers, serving literature search for millions of users. It is based on Solr, Wicket, jQuery, and HighCharts.js.

* Improved the site performance. Monitor the site usage through tools like Monitis, Kibana and Piwik.

* Involved in some back-end development tasks, which utilizes the Java SpringMVC framework.

RingCentral Inc.November 2014 - June 2016

* Key front-end developer of Developers Portal Web based on AngularJS 1.x, grunt/gulp, SASS.
Trained to follow Scrum agile work flow.

* Responsible for developing most public pages.

* One of the two developers to build the responsive mobile version from scratch. It was in AngularJS and React.

* Dived into the AngularJS source code (v1.4.3) to get better understandings.

Genome Institute of SingaporeMay 2012 - May 2014


* Main researcher and developer on BASIC project (Browser for Applications in Sequencing and Integrated Comparisons). BASIC is an integrated system to efciently store, process and visualize large column of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. Responsible for front-end development, which utilizes jQuery UI, D3.js and Bootstrap. Developed unique features including dynamic hierarchical menus, SVG partial drawing and exporting, different visualization modes for 10 complicated bioinformatics formats.

* Individual developer of PETA (Paired End Transcriptome Assembler written in C), a state- of-art de novo transcriptome assembler tailored to reconstruct full-length transcripts from large-scale RNA-seq data. Experiments show that it is better than other assemblers in terms of accuracy, continuity, completeness and full-length transcripts.

My stack

TypeScript, Test Cases, Teamwork, TCP/IP, SQL, Solr, Sass, RESTful, Redux Saga, Redux, React.js, React-Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, jQuery UI, jQuery, Jira, Java, HTTP, HTML5, GitHub, Git, Django, Bootstrap, Apache Wicket, AngularJS