Fatima A.

Front End Developer

540 dollar
5 years

My experience


Capgemini Group - Nantes - CDIFebruary 2017 - Present

SNCF Railway Network of France – Map Web Apps (Gaiascope JS, Linear JS, Supervision NG, CMT)

  • Collaborate with Project Managers and PO to lead and support effective technical delivery of client projects
  • Clean coding and collaborating with peers engineers to solve technical problems and to merge requests.
  • Agile mode, US estimation, take part in agile ceremonies and daily meetings
  • Write technical specifications and installation document
  • Prepare delivery documents and deliver the application to the client
  • Take part of the whole technical teams weekly meetings, to manage and prevent dependencies problems
    between widgets and applications
  • Take part of the Weekly Organization Meeting as a Front-end leader of Supervision NG application.
  • Helping and leading new junior front-end engineers.
  • Bugs fixing and management
  • Tools: Angular 5/9, TypeScript, Java 8, PrimeNG, ArcGIS Web API JS 4.6, VS Code, Apache Tomcat, Oracle,
    KanTree, GitLab, Jira, Kit-Condor.

Paris City Hall – PEPS (Paris Espace Partagé et Solidaire) Web Application

  • UI building and integration (HTML/CSS/Bootstrap) and back-end development (JEE 7, Lutèce framework)
  • Agile mode, US estimation, take part in agile ceremonies and daily meetings
  • Bugs fixing and management with One2Team (O2T)
  • Tools: Eclipse, Jenkins, SVN, HTML 5, CSS, AJAX, JSON, jQuery, Apache Tomcat, SoapUI, JUnit. 

INERIS (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) – Guichet Unique Web Application

  • Redesign of the GU web application under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the
  • Tools: Eclipse, Mantis, OpenLayers, Java EE, Maven, Struts2, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Hibernate, HTML5,
    CSS, SoapUI, JavaScript, OpenLayers, QGIS, Birt, JSP, JBoss, PostgreSQL, web service, Junit, Mockito, Jenkins,
    SVN, Mantis, Flex, HTML 5, CSS. 


Angers University/BT Group – Angers – Student ProjectOctober 2016 - January 2017

  • Designing and developing a web application to visualize and generate supply chain instances
  • Implementing three mode of visualization: table mode, graph mode (topology) and curve mode
  • Visualizing the supply chain’s evolution in time
  • Tools : IntelliJ IDEA, GitLab, Java EE, Maven, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, JSP, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Apache
    Tomcat, Bootstrap, Oracle ex, HighCharts, Cytoscape

Nicolas-B – Angers – InternshipApril 2016 - June 2016

  • Data importing and exporting through Web Services (PHP)
  • Designing and developing an e-commerce web site (JEE) & DB designing
  • Tools: Java EE, PHP, Maven, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JPA, JSP, Apache Tomcat, Bootstrap, SQL, Web Services ...

Regional Office of Agricultural Development of Gharb – Morocco – InternshipMay 2014 - July 2014

  • Implementation of the management and supervision of processed milk platform
  • Visualization and supervision dashboard & reports generation

My stack

Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ Idea, GitLab

Open Source solutions


Software testing

Mockito, SoapUI


Hibernate, OpenGL, jQuery, Spring Security, REST, JPA, Angular, AJAX, AngularJS, Bootstrap


Mantis, V-model, API


Flex, HTML5, JavaScript, MVC, Java, TypeScript, XML, SQL, CSS, Jscript, HTML, Ruby



Business Intelligence





Machine Learning, Oracle Applications, PrimeNG, Web Services, Jboss


MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle



Analysis methods and tools

Junit, SonarQube, Agile Methodology, Apache Maven

My education and trainings

Masters Degree, Computer Science - Faculty of Science of Angers2015 - 2017

Diploma, computer science - Faculty of Science of Angers2014 - 2015

Three-year professional degree in Decision-Making Information Systems Development (DISD) - Faculty of Science of Rabat2013 - 2014

University Degree, Statistics, Business Intelligence - High School of Technology2011 - 2013