Ankita M.

Front End Developer

740 dollar
6 years
Bangalore, INDIA

My experience


Edwisor.comSeptember 2017 - Present

9937676590 * is an organization whose vision is to organize and balance the demand and supply of global talent while empowering students and
Mail: professionals with skills and opportunities in high-growth career. * Its a self-paced study medium with hands-on experience.
* Primarily focused on working on Angular 4 for building intuitive web apps.
LinkedIn: * Built several optimized websites using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular framework.
* Inculcated best coding practices by following ES6 standards for

Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.February 2019 - Present

Xoriant Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Web development (Angular      React),
* Development of web applications based on latest JavaScript frameworks
* Primarily focused on working on Angular 7 for building intuitive web apps

* Proficient in Angular based SPA applications
* Worked on internal project called ``SnappyFlow'', as an Angular developer, which is an application lifecycle management platform.
* Worked for Cohesity client as a Front-end developer (Angular) in maintaining and enhancing their product's user interface.
* Currently working for Cisco client in upgrading their product's UI (NDB product) from jQuery to ReactJs framework.
* Part of interview panel for hiring frontend developers.

Ankita Mohata

HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.August 2015 - February 2019

Github: Javascript coding and pushing for latest and relevant versions of technologies.

HCL Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
* Joined as a Fresher and underwent training in C, Unix, and Networking and Network Security Training which includes Introduction to Cyber Security, Firewall, IPS, ACLs, NAT, PAT, and ASA Architecture.
* Part of Event organizing group "CHARGERS". Organized events in HCL
Working on cutting-edge technologies Campus every month. Awarded for being an active charger.
* Worked in Sourcefire project for CISCO Client. It is a Security Project on
with primary focus on web based Layer 7 (SSL Protocol) and deals with CISCO products.
application development using HTML, * Worked in Fixing bugs and Porting Activities. Fixed bugs related to UI
CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Angular and functionality using technology Perl, C and C++.
* Handled customer opened cases and bugs filed with the issues.

* Automated the bugs fixed using Python automation testing.
* Awarded as "Delivery Champion" and ``HCL Spot award'' for contribution towards the project.

AJATUS SOFTWAREFebruary 2015 - March 2015

* Designed Responsive Webpages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript.
* Designed website for ``Indian Ocean Turtle Newsletter'' in photoshop and created a responsive website using bootstrap framework and JavaScript.

SARV WEBS Pvt. Ltd.May 2014 - June 2014

4.8 yrs of IT Experience * Hands-on practice in Abode Photoshop, HTML and CSS.
* Designed Logo in Photoshop. Designed Emailer and Website pages in
photoshop and implemented them using HTML and CSS.

My stack


jQuery, AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, Redux

Software testing

Debugging, Postman


CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++






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IT Infrastructure

Firewalls, Unix, Cisco Switches/Routers, PAT, Network Security


Adobe Photoshop



My education and trainings

Bachelors Degree, Technology, Computer Science, Engineering - KIIT University