Norberto L.


530 dollar

My experience

LodelaGraphics, LLCJanuary 2020 - Present


AXENJanuary 2018 - Present

Frontend Ux/Ui developer, using technologies like: NodeJs, Angular, HTML5 - CSS3 - SASS - LESS. 
Main duties : Responsible for designing responsive structures for projects like Invoice Manager System and
BrakeCheck, as well as designing and transforming logotypes and images to be fully responsive and cross-browser. 
Achievements: In one project, that was developed in WordPress, it became slow and hard-to-use. I re-engineer the
entire site in Angular 6 technologies, making the APP 70% faster in loading, and reliable in content. It loads 3rd
party content that is stored in a no-sql DB, making the site available 99% of the time. I rebuilt the contact form and
placed in production, giving customers a fast-phase to be contacted by the sales dept. 
In another project that was developed in Angular 2, the customer required a data-table header sticky, but the table
was imported from a third-party provider (PrimeNg), and their tables do not stick to the header, needless to say,
this table was used all over the app as a module. So, the challenge was to make the sticky header only in one
specific section without affecting the other sections. I coded an Angular Directive that affects the table header,
depending on scroll position. This sticky table-header adjusts their size (W & H) if the screen changes and so...

Indra CompanyAugust 2016 - January 2018

FrontEnd Developer
Frontend developer for especial projects, using technologies like: Google Apps Script, GAE, HTML5, MongoDb, Firebase, HTML5 - CSS - SASS - LESS - Compass - NodeJS - Express - Gulp. 

Main duties : Responsible for developing HTML mockups and Sites (intranet and APPs -frontend) with a blend of
css3, JavaScript, and Google cloud technologies like firebase (for a realtime database), GCloud and GSuite for hosting.

Grupo Editorial MACJanuary 2015 - August 2016

Computer's Network, systems administration, web development for company sites. HTML5 - CSS - SASS - LESS -
Compass - Php - MySql. 

Main duties:
At the very beginning, I was in charge of updating the system of 19 company's web CentOS 6 servers.
Deploy servers to production, with WordPress and DB installed. (Maria DB)
Development of company sites using technologies like: Angular, NodeJS, Gulp, Pug, HTML5 - CSS - SASS - LESS - Php
- MySQL 
Achievements: By the last months in the company I developed, from scratch, a web application (Google Apps Script) that reduced time and cost by 70% on admin subscriptions for more than 20 publications and more than
20,000 subscribers nation-wide. This web-app reduces the subscription time because the customer goes across all processes including the payment. The app can make subscriptions for 1-18 months with recurrent payments in auto mode. Mailing to remember the customer renews their subscription within a week and final notice one day before to face a subscription cancelation. And so. You as a subscriber can download (depending on your subscription level) the publication in PDF format. Select if you want to receive a notification on a minute-generated-news, and so on... ROI in less than a quarter.

COMEX Mexicana de PinturasJanuary 2012 - February 2015

• Frontend Ux/Ui developer, using technologies like: HTML5 - CSS3 - SASS - LESS, jQuery - JavaScript, Bootstrap, Ruby and Php. 
• Responsible for Google Drive and Office Automation Google Apps Script files @ Project Manager Office.

Sistemas MIG, S.A.June 2010 - November 2011

Graphic and web design as well as developer in HTML5 - CSS3 - Php - Mysql

Alianza MédicaSeptember 2008 - April 2010

Graphic Web Designer. For more information, samples and details about this position, please visit:

NFL MexicoJune 2007 - July 2008

From Jun 2007 to July 2008 I provided my professional services to the out-standing group of creative-people and web-developers of Interplanet S.A. de C.V. in Mexico City. As an Especial Account Executive, I developed my skills devoted only to attend the NFL Mexico account and NFLatino (a couple of months) Structuring and managing web content, designing and coordinating the weekly NFL e-news letter, developing new technology at the “porristas” section. Strategic development, coordination and implementation of special projects and promotions (in the NFL mexico site) Coordination, translation and posting of editorial content, articles and news sent from NFL mexico or taken from

Major tasks:
Web maintenance, Graphic Design, managing and translating (English to Spanish) of editorial content, web maintenance of sections and sub-sections of the web-site.

InterplanetJanuary 2007 - January 2008

Web content administration, translations (Eng-Spa), Graphic Design...

Nuestra Generacion MagazineJanuary 2004 - October 2006

• Graphic designing of the whole magazine...
• Copy-writer (not always) every other month...
• Web-design (2005)
• Printing coordination...

Please visit:
to have a look at the last magazine that I designed for them...

US Marketing GroupJanuary 1994 - January 1998

Graphic and web designer for a publication call Dinero Magazine and its website. Design, code and send the weekly newsletter over a PHP application, designing of advertising and add proposals for customers...

My stack

WordPress, Web Services, Vue.js, UX Design, UI Design, System administration, Spanish, Sketch, SCSS, Sass, Ruby, Pug.js, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SharePoint, Linux, Less, jQuery, JavaScript ES8, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Gulp, Google Drive, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Google APIs, Firebase, Express, CSS4, CSS3, CentOS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator