Nicolae Cristian P.


220 dollar
4 years
Timisoara, ROMANIA

My experience


IBM, RomaniaMay 2019 - Present

Translating graphic visual and interactive designs into the ation layer for highly interactive web and mobile applications using responsive design and development techniques. Developing prototypes and performing hands-on coding to develop and integrate the application user interface, leveraging technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript React library, AJAX, JSON, and various REST APIs.

Major bank, Avimo Innovation EngineMay 2019 - Present

Project Description: The backend of the application is using the apollo-server-express library for our Node.js framework and various other libraries from Apollo suite to develop a GraphQL API that's mutating and querying a PostgreSQL database with ElasticSearch; all this being in a docker container. The frontend of the application is implemented with the React.js library written in TSX using various libraries to make pixel perfect UI/UX as the design was given to us by designers and also try to make the project much easier to develop on for us by improving the old code.

Contribution: I got into this project after my training. I'm developing the front-end of the application in which I got to work in the first days on a full redesign of a dashboard that was challenging because I haven't worked with Typescript until then and got to learn a lot about responsiveness, best practices and principles of software development such as DRY and KISS.
A couple of months go by and a colleague comes into our team to work on the same project and because our senior was in vacation at the time I got to be his mentor while also working with him in a Distributed Agile Environment and sharing with him the best practices I had to learn at the beginning myself to be able to work along with our colleagues in Lithuania, United States and Bucharest, Romania.
After six months I got to work with 90% of the pages in the application that was developed until now trying to remove CSS modules for styling and use just Styled components; decision that was spread by me in the team just by starting to make improvements in the code even though nobody asked me to do so and we are continuing to do so together now.

Toluna, RomaniaNovember 2018 - January 2019

Being part of the Global Business Operations department I got to learn the basics of developing web apps using Toluna's development stack which included C#.NET, MSSQL, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (React and jQuery).

SAP, RomaniaJuly 2018 - October 2018

My main responsibilities were developing and testing web applications for different SAP customers. Other technologies that I used besides SAPUI5, which is a collection of libraries made for different purposes, are XML, NodeJS, Gulp and git for versioning control while working with my team in an Agile environment. While I worked at SAP I was working with my team on "Charlie Chatbot" which is a ecommerce chatbot that uses NLP for ordering and purchasing from any chat like Messenger or Skype.

BanatIT, RomaniaFebruary 2018 - May 2018

In this work environment I was developing websites using technologies such as Wordpress as CMS, PHP Laravel Homestead for virtualization, Bootstrap and jQuery for developing the UI of the websites.

My main responsibilities were:
- implementing and documenting websites
- registering domains for websites
- responsible for debugging process
- collaborating with the PR team to upload and update the content on a website
- collaborating with the Design team and other programmers for project implementation
- responsible for constant maintenance and optimization of websites

My stack

WordPress, Web development, Web Applications, Virtualization, TypeScript, SQL, Software Development, SAP, REST API, React.js, React-Redux, PostgreSQL, PHP, OOP, Node.js, Microsoft SQL Server, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Gulp, GraphQL, Git, Functional Programming, ES6, ElasticSearch, CSS3, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, Agile