Sergiu U.

Front End Developer

405 dollar
5 years
Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

My experience


YonderJanuary 2019 - Present

Angular and .NET development in invoice related business

The project started with AngularJS and .NET Framework, but now we migrated to .NET Core and Angular.
The Angular migration is the main project I am focusing on, providing both technical and planning information to stakeholders.

The main challenges are:
- Creating software that will stand the test of time, and moving to framework agnostic code.
- The company has passion for technology and is ever changing the technology stack, so we need good communication to keep the teams up to date on what we need to learn.
- Recently because of the technical planning role, I got to exercise software architecture, and it is a hard job to do, making the software decisions that count in the long term.

YonderJanuary 2018 - January 2019

MeteorJS and React development using SCRUM as our work methodology:
- ES6 syntax
- MongoDb,
- Amazon Web Services (S3, Lambda)
- Mobx (for state management)
- Kendo UI Web Components (for now jQuery version, soon to implement native React ones)
- Cytoscape
- Quasar

The project is a platform for implementing business processes, so the challenges that I faced were the following:
- writing generic functionality
- anticipating use cases (there is a lot of ways the platform can be used, sometimes I am amazed
of what our users accomplish)
- agreeing on standards, frameworks, architecture
- building a robust base on which we can incremetally improve functionality (because the
application builds on it's main modules and there are small features that need to be added all
the time, so the functionality must be future-proof)
- writing clear, efficient, easy to read code

I helped solve these by:
- adding linters that check for code style errors
- making convention documents that we agree upon and can use when there are hard decisions to be taken
- actively participating in technical support, so that I can understand the users
- learning about how to write quality code
- introducing functional programming as a preferred paradigm,
so that we can debug our code easily and change it efficiently
- designing and implementing base features by current software standards and best practices, with the help of a person with more experience than me when needed

YonderNovember 2016 - January 2018

MeteorJS Software development, also including these frameworks and tools:
- Kendo Components
- MongoDb
-Amazon AWS

YonderJuly 2016 - September 2016

The internship consisted of .NET Web API development coupled with Angular 1 for the client-side.
Learned the bases of web development and built a strong base on which to develop my skills.

My stack




blaze, Android development

Analysis methods and tools



C#, JavaScript, T-SQL, CSS, OOP, HTML




AngularJS, Meteor, .NET, jQuery

My education and trainings

Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English - Cambridge University

Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science - „Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca2014 - 2017