Veronica M.

Front End Developer

430 dollar
7 years
Bucharest, ROMANIA

My experience


BBCJuly 2019 - Present

I have joined BBC at the beginning of an innovation period and had the opportunity to work on state of the art tech stack:
- isomorphic PWA apps with offline reading mode powered by service workers
- Storybook for component libraries
- latest React version with hooks, Redux and babel 7 transpiling
- Typing with Flow
- docker containers deployed and integrated with AWS
- cypress for integration testing

I also had the opportunity to work on large scale applications integrated with a custom CMS, be part of a large scale redesign and migration of old legacy products and also implement several A/B tests using Optimizely.

These are a few of the things I've been working on at BBC since I've started:
- Hosting and serving client static assets on AWS Cloudfront

Redesigning several features of the app and adding new components :
- Hero Component with Ambient Video capabilities
- Redesign of article pages in infinite scroll

A/B testing for new navigation , Hero component integration, redesign Article integration

BusuuJune 2018 - June 2019

Since I've joined busuu as a Front End Developer I had the opportunity to work in a SCRUM and Agile way on several important features of the main product as well as internal products. I've worked with technologies like React, AngularJS and simple javascript.
I have worked on features like Courses Overview, Study
Plan, migrating an AngularJS app to React, migrating projects setup to Babel 7. I have also been the lead developer on the Grammar Trainer feature.

British School of BucharestFebruary 2018 - June 2018

British School of Bucharest I have worked as main Front End Developer in the IT department of British School on several of the company's
web applications for Registering and managing students. I have worked with Angular 4 and Vue Js combined with

In the short period I have been here I have contributed considerably in refactoring and improving the main projects as well as being the lead developer on new features like uploading registration files and viewing registrations status in a dashboard view.

PTC EasternJanuary 2014 - December 2016

I have worked in the academic department as an IoT Application Engineer and in the first year here I have created tutorials to teach students how to use ThingWorx, the main IoT product of PTC, to send data from sensors connected to controllers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Intel Gallileo. In my second year here, I focused more on the development of a web platform with the MEAN stack in a tech lead position. The purpose of the platform was to facilitate the use of ThingWorx in university and high school classrooms.

I have learned to use controllers and different sensors, to create video tutorials using Camtasia, to develop web applications using the MEAN stack and React with Redux, but also how to contribute to the organization of a team based on the Kanban methodology in a tech lead position. 


ARTEMIS Department at TELECOMJanuary 2012 - January 2012

I had a 3 months mandatory internship at the end of my third year of my bachelors degree. I had the opportunity to learn about AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) when it was at its beginnings. I worked on developing a location based treasure hunt Android game with 3D AR visualisation developed in VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language.

Company Name

My stack


Scrum Methodology, 3D, Object Oriented Analysis/Design, Fullstack Web Developer, industry~it, Web programming, frontend developer, Internet of Things, B Testing, Senior Web Applications Software Engineer, Front End Developer in the IT department, IoT Application Engineer, Software Developer Volunteer, a tech lead, the lead developer, Back End, Front End, the Grammar Trainer, Senior Software Engineer, Cascading Style Sheets, Analyst/Programmer, Business Administration, develop web applications, Romanian, Code Mentor, LinkedIn



Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Kanban




Java, JavaScript, VRML, HTML


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Express, React.js


Laravel, Node.js, Express.js, AngularJS



Software testing

Integration testing

My education and trainings

Business Administration - Polytechnic University of Bucharest2013 - 2015

Bachelors Degree, Electronics, Telecommunications - Polytechnic University of Bucharest2009 - 2013