Alexandru R.


420 euro
5 years
Ploiesti, ROMANIA

My experience


FreelanceJanuary 2020 - Present

I work as a contractor/freelancer, building software in distributed teams and on my own.

· Main skill sets: JavaScript/TypeScript, React, Redux, Node w/ Express, Next.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, Mongoose, SocketIO, HTML, CSS, SCSS, styled-components.
· Environments: Web Applications, Static Site Generation, Web Extensions (both V2 and V3)

Eyeo GmbHJanuary 2020 - Present

* Worked as the Lead Open-Source Javascript Developer inside the team responsible for providing Ad- vanced Ad-Blocking Technology for Adblock Plus and Adblock.

* Reverse Engineered Web Applications by making use of Advanced Javascript knowledge on top of deep
Browser, DevTools and Web Extensions expertise.

* Analyzed Javascript Execution, Network Interactions and DOM Activity for multiple React Web Ap- plications and server-side rendered Websites.

* Being the Lead Developer and Module Owner made me responsible for managing the Architecture of the entire project, constantly interacting with other teams dependent on our technology, integrating our product into different platforms and closely collaborating with Chromium Developers for providing and improving the necessary APIs.

* Worked based on an Agile workflow

ING BankJuly 2018 - January 2020

Frontend Developer
* Worked as a Frontend Developer on 2 Web Applications developed for internal use, being in charge of the second one and responsible of the most architectural decisions.

* Closely worked with the Backend Engineer for planning and integrating the API.

* Collaborated with an UX Engineer for designing and prototyping the app and also with the QA Engineer for implementing E2E tests.

* Debugged, fixed and reverse engineered several other Web Applications.

* Created and maintained some JavaScript libraries for internal use.

* Worked based on an Agile workflow

MTSC SoftwareNovember 2017 - June 2018

* Developed an Airbnb like properties listing Web Application with React.js from ground zero. Listing over 200.000 properties around UK, the project had a large scale impacting even more users. (https: //

* Being a Lead Frontend Developer, I was responsible for all the architectural decisions, coordinating the team and code reviewing.

* Developed a hybrid mobile app with JavaScript, Ionic and Angular.js

* Worked based on an Agile workflow

Google Summer of CodeJune 2017 - August 2017

My stack

Webpack.js, TypeScript, Socket.IO, SCSS, Saga, REST API, Redux Saga, Redux, React.js, React Hooks, Node.js, MySQL, Mongoose, MongoDB, Linux, JavaScript, Ionic, HTML, GraphQL, GitHub, Git, Express.js, Express, ES6, CSS, Bootstrap, Apollo, API, AngularJS, Angular, Agile Methodology