Zied M.

Front End Developer

140 dollar
4 years

My experience


Hashtag AgencyFebruary 2019 - Present

- Take web media modification briefs from the client.

- Manage communication with customers for the management of product versions, negotiation of specifications, definition of versions to be delivered, negotiation of deadlines and management of product training.

- Collect the graphic and textual elements necessary for the creation of the supports.

- Guarantee a quality deliverable that meets the expectations of the market and the customer (spelling, delivery time, etc.)

- Technical management of projects.

- Reporting, Management and monitoring of the customers projects tickets management tools

- Solve best solutions for problems

- Take the most decision to help client

- Management of the local market

- Internal team management


Noway InteractiveJuly 2018 - January 2019

* Refonte et Développement des sites vitrines et des sites E-commerce: 

 * Refonte et Integration charte graphique (Front-end) de site.

 * Développement des fonctionnalitées (Back-end) de site. *Personnalisé plugins.

**Références de sites web:
CEMA: http://www.cema-northafrica.org
Waves Coaching: http://waves.nowaydemo.com
RockRaven: http://rockraven.nowaydemo.com

 Noway Interactive: http://nint.nowaydemo.com

Pulp Ground:

Ekho Design: http://ekhodesign.nowaydemo.com **Technologies : JavaScript/jQuery, html5, css3, Bootsrap ,Ajax, PHP5, Wordpress, 

**Outils : Photoshop, SublimeText, FileZilla 

 **Gestion de projet : Agilité, Scrum,Trello


Institut Supérieur d'informatique de MahdiaOctober 2014 - July 2015

 Initiation au développement Web( HTML5, PHP5, CSS3, Base de Données). 

 * Enseignant des Travaux Pratiques au Développement Web (PHP5, MySql, PhpmyAdmin, CSS3, Javascript). 

 * Enseignant des Travaux pratiques au Système d'exploitation Linux (Ubuntu, Protocol GIT).

My stack


WordPress API, Project Management


HTML5 Canvas, SCSS, jQueryUI, HTML4, HTML5 APIs, jQuery 2.0.3, JavaScript MVC, SVG


Website Design, Développeur WordPress, Back End, Front End, Administrateur des systèmes, Enseignant d'Education Supérieur, Enseignant des Cours, Enseignant des Travaux Pratiques, Cisco CertiÒcation Entry Networking Technician, Licence > Licence Appliquée en Informatique

Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel

Analysis methods and tools



Adobe Photoshop


JavaScript, SQL, PHP, CSS, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, PHP5, JavaScript OOP

IT Infrastructure

CentOS, Ubuntu, Heroku, Firewalls, Linux Red Hat, Linux

Application servers

Apache Web Server, XAMPP


AJAX, Node.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop


MySQL, Transact-SQL, PHPMyAdmin, Microsoft SQL Server

Environment of Development

Sublime Text

Open Source solutions

PrestaShop 1.5, FileZilla

My education and trainings

Mastère Professionnelle en ingénierie des Systèmes d'information - Faculté des sciences de monastir2011 - 2012

Licence Appliquée en système informatique et logiciels - Institut Supérieur d'Informatique2007 - 2010