Lucy B.


732 dollar
15 years

My experience


Freelance :: Self EmployedSeptember 2018 - Present

Made with love:
- iOS / macOs applications (Swift, Objective C)
- audio applications (JUCE , AVFoundation/Core audio)

I’ve worked with several people and it will be a pleasure for me to help you in your project.

PS: NO, I won’t make an Uber or Clash of clans clone app alone, in one month and for free.

ArturiaJune 2012 - Present

Focusing on software and hardware debugging.
Stock management.

Radio GrenouilleApril 2008 - Present

Focusing on the sound design of the radio and on the recording of the interviews.

OpenClassroomsNovember 2018 - Present

Teaching iOs programming to OpenClassrooms (French college) students.
Sharing my years of industry knowledge to help them understand Swift, Xcode and iOs development.

AudionamixOctober 2015 - Present

Focusing on audio & DSP programming using Swift, objective-C and C++ (and a lot of coffee).

Develop the main software Trax, an audio source separation software (yes it's possible to extract the vocal from a song!).
Develop Xtrax Stems using Swift.
Develop IDC using JUCE and C++.

Develop a high performance audio DSP-Math library.
Involved into scientific computing using GPU programming and Python.

Transportation Research Center at UNLVApril 2014 - March 2015

In charge of the development of a C# mobile application (Windows phone & Surface pro) for the police of Las Vegas. This application allows them to fill in a form when a crash accident happens.
I am focus on:
- elaboration of a local database.
- implementation of image (driving license & ID) and speech recognition and geolocation.
- sending data from the application to a database server.

Institut de neurosciences de la TimoneMay 2013 - July 2013

Research and implementation of algorithm (using Matlab) of transfer entropy for effective connectivity & graph theory.

IRSSTApril 2011 - June 2011

In charge of the qualification of the laboratory's acoustics rooms (ICAR).
Study of the acoustics of noise source and ear defenders with the help of B&K equipment.

My stack

Xcode, XAML, Windows Phone, Visual Studio, UNIX, SQLite, SQL, Sound mixing, Software Development, Python, Programmer Analyst/Software Engineer Certification, POO, Objective-C, MVC, MS Office, Mobile App Design, Logic Pro X, Linux, JSP, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Git, Embedded Systems, DSP, Digital Signal Processing, CSS, C/C++, C#, C Language, Assembly, Arduino, Agile, Ableton Live Suite