Ashkan A.


732 dollar
9 years

My experience

VodafoneAugust 2019 - Present


OmobonoApril 2019 - June 2019

Led this digital agency in the architecture and development of a subscription-based web application for their FinTech client. I worked with three other frontend developers and one backend developer to create an application which helps businesses accept card payments online.

• Vue.js     • Vuex     • JavaScript (ES6)  • BootstrapVue & Bootstrap 4  • REST API    • HTML5    • CSS & Sass   • Webpack   • Automated build and continuous deployment  • Git     • Microsoft Azure

OracleAugust 2018 - March 2019

I joined a team of front end developers to assist in architecting and developing dynamic UIs for reing and interrogating big data used primarily for generating contextual content awareness through internal apps, external products, and sales aids.

• React    •Redux    • ES6    • REST API    • AngularJS    • CSS & Sass    • Webpack and gulp    • Docker    
• Karma/Jasmine    • Automated build and continuous deployment    • Git     • Jira    • Bitbucket

GrapeshotFebruary 2018 - August 2018

Grapeshot is a technology leader in search and contextual analysis and they offer their product to major online publishers and advertisers. I worked within the apps team to introduce emerging best practices and technologies as well as architecting and developing new UIs to re big data.

• Django        • Docker        • ES6    • Less    • Handlebars.js    • AngularJS    • Webpack and gulp    
• CSS & Sass    • Bootstrap    • Vue.js and Vuex    • REST API    • Karma/Jasmine     • Git
• Automated build and continuous deployment    • Jira    • Bitbucket

Whirlpool UK AppliancesDecember 2017 - January 2018

I joined the team as a consultant to assist improving the existing websites as well as the redevelopment of other existing web applications.

I needed to architect and develop Vue components that could work in java environments and support different brand themes, such as Hotpoint, Indesit, etc.

The main aim of my current project is to develop reusable and testable Vue components that can be plugged into other projects with minimal effort.

Vuejs, Vuex, jsp, Ajax, Sass, Webpack and Gulp

Your Favourite StoryJanuary 2017 - September 2017

After my successful delivery of YFS website, the agency Offered me a Permanent position. I worked with Mercedes-Benz on many different projects.

Projects included working on exciting platforms as well as Greenfield projects, working across the full development lifecycle on complex applications. The technologies I used for each project varied significantly due to client needs therefore I often needed to invest my time in research and training.


* AngularJS

* ES6

* Vue.js

* Laravel and OctoberCMS

* Restful API

* webpack

* Handlebars.js



* Gulp

* Responsive and Cross platform development

* Accessibility and SEO

* Git

I developed the website of this Digital Agency. It is a single page application and utilises AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JSON and Ajax and it follows SEO standards and Accessibility best practices. I owned the product and worked very closely with the UX designer and project manager in order to deliver the project.
• AngularJS 1.5        •Laravel   • JSON and AJAX    • JavaScript    • HTML5& CSS (SASS)    • Gulp   • RESTful API
• Responsive        • Cross browser testing    • accessibility and SEO        • Git

TUIAugust 2016 - October 2016

I advised the management on best ways to enhance the look/feel of their websites as well as working alongside other front-end and backend development teams, migrating from a bespoke legacy system to Hybris.

My project was about building a multi-centre holidaymaker web application, which TUI’s customers are now using in order to pick different destinations, search for hotels and receive a personalised service.

The project also made heavy use of JQuery Ajax in order to load contents for each step. I worked in an agile environment and was involved in continuous integration throughout the project. My interest in developing visually appealing and attractive websites did not go unnoticed by my UX team and my ideas made it through to the project and received positive feedbacks.

JavaScript, Jquery
Google APIs

LebaraMarch 2016 - August 2016

I was employed by Lebara to assist with planning and execution of the next generation of Lebara websites. I was the bridge between the idea and execution by converting sketch designs into modular and reusable UI components. Working closely with the business, design and java developers in the UK and Ukraine offices I developed a strong ownership skill and cultural awareness.

I am passionate about creating effective and reusable user interface components and has helped my team to set up the front end of the project from ground up as well as setting up grunt automation tasks for them. I learned to use Hybris by communicating and learning from the lead architect and passed my knowledge to other front end developers via well structure confluence documents. I also introduced peer review to the team and was  responsible for code quality reviews and mentoring other junior developers.

The UI and JSP components (single page apps) that I developed where used at Lebara across different projects and countries from online SIM top-up journeys to Lebara money transfer web apps.

Skills and Responsibilities:
• Strong Agile experience and JIRA    • GIT and continuous integration        • JSP temeplating
• Vanilla java script and JQuery        • Bootstrap 3.2                • Hybris 5.7 (2016)
• CSS 3 and LESS            • Grunt and Bower            • Google Polymer
• Cross Browser & Cross Device testing    • Responsive web development        • JSP
• Build High performance and reusable code for UI components            • Ajax and JSON
• AB Testing – Optimizely            • Jenkins

Chambers and PartnersMarch 2015 - March 2016

Working on Liferay 6.2, I developed the UI of Chambers Connect as a social network with blogging and Q&A for lawyers & businesses across the globe.

The project uses Java for the back-end and a combination of bootstrap 3, jQuery and AngularJS for the front end.

Because of this project, I obtained first-hand exposure to Java and working with SDK editing portlets, hooks and Liferay themes.

On many occasions, it was required to code a webpage from scratch and produce a mobile friendly and fully responsive layout.
I was also responsible for deployments to AWS and monitoring instances.

Technologies used:
•    Liferay Portal    •  AngularJS    •  GIT      •  Amazon AWS and Solr    • Bootstrap 3
•    CSS3 and SCSS    •   jQuery    • XML      • Responsive Design •Node.js
More 2013 - March 2015

I Developed and maintained websites from ground up and worked closely with clients and was responsible for gathering requirements, performing performance analysis, development, and final support tasks.
Domain registration and managing hosts.

•   Build and maintain client relationships     •   Gather project objectives    •   Project Development
•    Twitter Bootstrap3    •   CSS3        •   JS        •   HTML5        •   CMS

Your Mortgage Decisions ltdJune 2010 - June 2011

Your Mortgage Decisions – with headquarters in Peterborough and a branch in Surbiton, this mortgage company with more than 150 staff offered professional financial advice to its customers.

Ashkan was entirely responsible for the IT operations at this Mortgage Company.

Technologies: CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Joomla, MySQL, Windows server, LogMeIn, Wordpress, VPN, Active Directory.

Projects involved:
•    PHP based online interview panel for new potential employees.
•    Room booking Systems. MySQL,PHP,HTML

-October 2006 - February 2007

• Developed a RPC server for my team to be able to communicate.
• Helped to build (Recycling) and maintain new computers from old/discarded computers.

My stack

XML, WordPress, VMWare, UX Design, Troubleshooting, Time Management, Teamwork, Social Media, Scrum, Sass, React.js, PHP, OS X, Networking, Network administration, MS Office, Metasploit, Mac OS X, Linux, LifeRay, JSON, JavaScript, Java, Hybris, HTML5, HTML, Grunt.js, Git, Customer Care, CSS3, CSS, Communication, Cisco, Bower, Bootstrap, BEM, AngularJS, AJAX, Agile, Adobe Photoshop