Alvaro S.

Front End Developer

730 dollar
5 years

My experience


Digitalist Group PlcOctober 2018 - February 2019

Improving standards, discussing best practices and helping develop a new React/Redux web application.
* Developing features and bug fixing
* Ensuring component/feature re-usability either when creating a new component or utilising an existing one
* Code reviewing and keeping up to date with the latest best practices
* Coordinate with UI/UX & back-end developers
* Discuss about the project as a whole with PM & Head of Technology and agree on a deliverable
MVP version given the time frame available

Kingfisher PlcMay 2017 - September 2018

Maintaining standards, discussing best practices and help developing a new web application.
* Developing features, bug fixing, code reviewing, assisting more junior members get up to speed.
* Developing POC's of possible future features that will be implemented in a live web application.
* Contributing to the dev guild.
* Ensuring component/feature re-usability.
* Code reviewing and keeping up to date with the latest best practices.
* Working on a web application using a responsive and mobile-first approach.

Lloyds Banking GroupOctober 2016 - April 2017

Maintaining standards across teams, discussing best practices and developing front-end applications.
* Creating and maintaining build pipeline.
* Developing a POC's to understand the feasibility of how to make use of analytics in a React SPA.
* Contributing to the company front end community react project by testing and help improving an internal component library and React scaffolding.

Lloyds Banking GroupJuly 2013 - September 2016

Working on new and existing front-end and back-end internal applications.
* Developing (programming, debugging and testing) new and existing applications (Java & JavaScript).
o Gathering data from different sources and display it on a JavaScript web app using Spring
MVC and Java to create JSON end points that will fetch the data from our database using hibernate.
* Creating new front-end applications as well as back-end ones, the more recent ones using React and Flux.
o Resource management tool used to assign people to multiple projects
* Rebuilding an old Java/vanilla JavaScript application into Java/React.
o Live environment availability tool that allows users understand which environments are available and also allow them to reserve slots in any environment they wish without blocking anyone else
* Maintaining Jenkins jobs in a daily basis.
o Nightly jobs used to gather, manipulate and save data to be used by the web apps.
* Supporting junior members of the team by discussing work priorities and discussing possible solutions/break down work into smaller tasks.
* Participating in sprint planning sessions to discuss the stories and tasks to work on during the sprint.

As a more senior member of the team:
* I help more recent members of the team and, when requested, LBG grads outside of the time as well, to get up to speed with the technologies my team uses.
* I help coordinating the team's efforts to ensure sprint is successful.
* I make sure bugs get fixed (by me or ensure someone else from the team does it) as soon as a bug is raised by the users.
* I attend requirements meetings to be able to structure and create backlog stories and tasks for future improvements that the team can later work on.
* If I believe it is urgent enough and if I get the team lead approval, I also meet with PO and users in order to quickly develop an improvement.
* Attending meetings with PO to discuss feasibility and team availability to achieve proposed features and improvements and plan accordingly.

My stack


Bootstrap, Hibernate, AngularJS, Redux


SCSS, Yarn, Bootstrap 2, Gulp, NPM, React-Redux, React.js


Java Server Pages, industry~it, Front End, FULLSTACK DEVELOPER, Back End, develop a new React, REACTJS, JavaScript developer, Analyst/Programmer, Information Technology, develop an improvement, Spring Framework, Jakarta TOMCAT Servlet Engine, Data Collection, Bachelors Degree > Bachelor of Science, Cascading Style Sheets, Scrum Methodology > Sprint Planning, front end developer





IT Infrastructure



MVC, Sass, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java

Analysis methods and tools

Ant, Apache Maven



Software testing

Karma, Jasmine, Debugging

My education and trainings

Bsc Honours in Computer Science - Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge2009 - 2013

Programming class - Escola Profissional Bento de Jesus Caraça2004 - 2007