Jenny A.

Front End Developer

690 dollar
8 years

My experience


Freelance Web DevelopmentAugust 2019 - Present

I have been focusing on bringing early sites to non-desktop devices with Bootstrap 4.

Most of my work focuses on the front-end, aiming to eventually redo existing work in React.

I hope to bring more back-end functionality through TypeScript with Angular in the future.

University of Wales Trinity Saint DavidJanuary 2019 - March 2019

I learned about penetration tools and techniques in addition to analysing

cryptographic primitives and protocols.

This was also a customer facing role and so it was very beneficial for

developing those ever relevant soft skills.

OysterWorldJanuary 2015 - January 2016

I primarily worked in the sales and business development team, designing
pitches for prospective clients in collaboration with an artist and a graphics


I also provided copy and editorials for SEO for the marketing department. I

collaborated outside the team to provide competitor and market analysis for

business development which introduced me to python and data science.

Saturn Valley OnlineJanuary 2008 - January 2012

I started out on an online multiplayer version of the hit classic Earthbound

(Unofficial, non-profit).

I redesigned the narrative, designed five different classes for players to select

from and tutorial areas for each respective class.

Other experience gained included administrating forums and internal wiki, and

also community management.

I also witnessed the engine being migrated from VB to C# which with some

Visual Basic lessons and database design work was my first introduction to


My stack


Game Design, Copywriting, Community Management


AngularJS, Bootstrap


Front End, Back End, Research Assistant, Game Designer, Web Developer, HND > HND Software Engineering, C+, industry~it


TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C/C++

My education and trainings

Masters Degree, Applied Computing - University of Wales Trinity Saint David2018 - 2019

Bachelor of Science, Computer Software Engineering - University of Wales Trinity Saint David2017 - 2018

HND, Computer, Software Engineering - University of Wales Trinity Saint David2013 - 2015