Vladimir G.


732 dollar
13 years

My experience


Self-employedJanuary 2015 - Present

- Developed training and strategy software for high-stakes poker players in C++.
Built a cross C++/C# interaction framework leveraging the OpenHoldem
API for an efficient combination of native performance and rapid feature
- Collated and compiled historic poker data into a
machine-parseable format for machine learning adaptation, recognition
and training.
- Implemented Windows-based screen-scraping technology
for Android emulator utilising a C++ library tied into open-source
- Built a logging framework around the automated playing system.
- Captured template images for real-time OCR of animated mobile poker application.
Implemented a unit-testing system with the GoogleTest framework to
exercise/validate the efficiency of the analytical poker application.
Leveraged modern C++ (17) to ensure stable and clean application code
utilising best-practice OOP to deliver a reliable and maintainable

FreelanceJanuary 2017 - Present

Developed training and strategy software for high-stake poker players (C++ and C#)

FOCUS Info UKSeptember 2014 - August 2015

Wrote custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript in order to update the website

Foyil SecuritiesJanuary 2006 - May 2011

- Led a team of three System Administrators (150 users).
- Implemented the migration of core IT infrastructure to Windows Server 2008.
Consolidated mission-critical services into Hyper-V containerised units
to deliver segregated updateability, maintenance and a significant
reduction in TCO.
- Directed the migration of VBA based Excel sheets
encompassing data of client-held equities into a bespoke C# application
backed by a redundant MSSQL database infrastructure.

Dominanta [Distributor of industrial printing equipment]May 2006 - January 2011

- Implemented a from-scratch Active Directory forest for all employees (40 users).
- Rolled out a comprehensive e-mail service for all users via Exchange 2007.
- Implemented Symantec BackupExec via a magnetic tape driven redundancy system.
Created and led an in-house awareness and training programme to orient
and familiarise employees with the full IT technology stack.
- Developed IT policy, procedures and budget.

My stack

XML, Team management, STL, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Git, C/C++, C++