Aaron A.


535 dollar
10 years

My experience


FreelanceApril 2019 - Present

During my career I have taken on extra freelance work but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to take the leap and take on freelance full time. So far I have built full websites, helped with bug fixing and maintenance on current sites, built bespoke sections for sites with specific needs and helped companies build components for their design systems. I’ve also had the privilege to work on art projects that have been displayed in exhibitions.

Cube3 - Full-timeDecember 2019 - Present


CTI Digital - Full-timeJanuary 2019 - April 2019

After learning more about front end technologies in my role at Red Seven I wanted to put these to practice back in an agency. I helped the CTI Digital team develop a more modern front end system for their Drupal website builds. This included an introduction to coding standards for Sass and JavaScript and building component libraries for individual projects. As well as advising on the automation of the teams front end development, I had the opportunity to use my knowledge to mentor more junior staff.

Red Seven Technology GroupApril 2018 - January 2019

I made a move to work away from a creative agency to gain more skills in Front-End Development and to further my knowledge of wider ranges of technology stacks that companies use in the industry. A new front-end team was created to rewrite one of the internal websites for managing telecommunication devices for the companies reseller clients. The main focus here was to use modern technologies with a componentised approach to write reusable and portable code. We used the React framework to achieve this. It was a great experience for me to work with a dedicated team on an interesting project and challenged my JavaScript skills greatly.

On top of this, I also challenged the company with a business idea on the stack that they were using for their group websites. At the time this was WordPress, which with limited resources for website management and maintenance was becoming an expensive ordeal, I suggested a move to static site generators. The chosen generator was GatsbyJS which utilised the teams React skills and gave the tech company cutting edge, fast and responsive websites that are easily maintainable.

Creative ConcernJune 2013 - March 2018

As a Web Developer I helped the team go from design to finished products working alongside senior designers and developers to produce high quality websites. Primarily using Drupal Creative Concern create websites for a wide range of clients.

This means that I am usually involved with the full project lifecycle. From design, working closely with the designer to meet the needs of the brief, making sure the website is designed using the latest trends and meeting the required UX needs. From back end to front end I create a full working website that match the final designs. Testing allows us to iron out any issues with the website and for a clean hand over to the client.

After successfully building the website I am involved with training the client on how to use the CMS (Drupal/Wordpress). I take them through a detailed walkthrough of the back end of the website making sure they fully understand the website that has been built for them.

ATLAS Private Educational ConsultingJune 2011 - May 2012

I worked at Atlas in Istanbul (Turkey) where I was a junior web developer and designer using my practical skills in a working environment. I also helped out the team when they had any technical issues. The job helped me to develop my skills both in design and development but also improved my ability to work with a whole range of different people. As the company is based in Turkey I came across some problems that could only be fixed by using specific skills and it allowed me to improve my social skills on a whole new level.
Some tasks pushed me to new limits like helping out with the design stages of the new website and helping to improve any areas that don’t work with users needs.
I encouraged the company to do things that they would not normally do in terms of design and things have worked where other things were not so successful and I’ve learnt from the mistakes and successes.

I also worked on some promotional jobs like creating posters for international fairs and marketing where I would create advertisement newsletters and sms text messages.

My stack

XHTML, WordPress, Web development, Web Design, Time Management, Social Media, Sass, PHPMyAdmin, PHP 5, PHP 4, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Office Pack, Less, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, Google Maps API, Drupal, CSS, CMS, C#, ASP.NET, Adobe Creative Suite, ActionScript