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East Learning School SoftwareDecember 2018 - December 2019

East Learning are a startup creating a software product to help students lead their own personal development within their school. Their first prototype was built by an agency. I then took on sole technical responsibility for maintenance work and creating new features. I worked flexibly. During term-time we worked on maintenance and during school holidays we built as many new features as we could manage.

During Summer 2019 this involved a complete redesign of the frontend. I worked with a UX designer to improve the interfaces, and took the opportunity to move much of the UI out of Laravel Blade templates into more interactive VueJS components, en-route greatly reducing CSS boilerplate with increased usage of Bootstrap patterns.

The contract ended when East found a new agency to become their development partners for the future. We migrated the app’s backend to the new agency’s own stack, the Mosaic Platform. This involved replacing the Eloquent ORM layer with a layer to make API calls to their microservices platform to handle all data querying and storing.

At both ends of this contract I had to work successfully with remote teams, firstly to understand and take technical ownership of the platform, and then finally to hand this role over to a new agency. My long experience working with many different companies helped both these processes go smoothly, which greatly helped East navigate their rapidly-changing startup journey.


AHCSeptember 2018 - December 2018

AHC is a marketing and communications agency, handling pensions communications on behalf of a huge range of clients, such as Asda, BUPA and Mass Mutual. They use a standardised technology stack, with Ruby on Rails backends and VueJS frontends, with Capistrano providing builds and deployment. This allows them to rapidly create and manage communications web sites for their clients.

My 2-month contract was to help them tackle a big backlog of small changes across their entire portfolio. I had to be immediately productive and work in a fast-paced environment, accepting work from Project Managers through Trello, then consulting with their Client Services team to get more details about each job. I would then implement and deploy the changes ASAP. I really enjoyed working in their friendly, fast-paced environment.


Third Light LtdMay 2015 - September 2018

I worked with ThirdLight for over 3 years on three contracts, as a senior developer and a principal consultant.

Initially I worked on their development team, building a new version of their Digital Asset Management product, called Chorus. I primarily worked on the front end application, using Angular 1.5, but also contributed PHP and Go to the API and microservice layers. We worked using Scrum, Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, p4 and virtualisation for development, continuous integration and testing.

In April 2016, Third Light established a professional services division, a project led by their Managing Director. They used my experience with their old and new products, and my history working in consultancy and services, to appoint me as a Principal Consultant to help get this up and running. I worked directly with their customers to extend how they used Third Light’s products and I had responsibility for the design, delivery and support of each project. This frequently involved integrating it with third-party tools and services via APIs and microservices.

This often generated good marketing output, such as our project to manage the videos generated by the International Football Association Board’s new Video Assistant Referee project.

I returned for a third contract to help them complete the launch of their new product mentioned above. I worked on this contract until we hit version 1.0 of Chorus. The company had worked on this for 5 years, and myself in part for 4 of those years, so this was a notable event, in which I was proud to take part.


Cranmore ConsultingMay 2013 - August 2015

Cranmore Consulting had a successful application called LiveQ. This consists of forms deployed onto tablets to allow customers to capture data for analysis on Cranmore’s reporting servers. However, each form had to be manually built, which was both expensive and time-consuming. Cranmore wanted a tool to automate this process, but did not have the skills to do it.

I worked as their UI Lead Developer to design and build a JavaScript application to solve this problem for LiveQ. Cranmore’s customers can now use this app to build forms themselves, which are deployed to tablets for their users to complete online or offline. The resulting data is sent back to the app’s back-end.

We designed the code such that it could be an application framework for a new bespoke application called LiveHACCP. The codebase continues to also exist as an application framework for customers who need bespoke applications.

I designed a single JavaScript codebase to support all the required functions. This reduced complexity and helped them to support and manage the code on their own. To do this it uses Grunt to build separate apps for:

- A web-based form builder

- A web-based form preview

- A web-based online form runtime

- An android-based offline form runtime

The forms are sophisticated and fields can join together with rules and queries. For example, a value set in one field can be used to generate a query against a datatable to produce a list from which the user must select. That value could then determine which question you complete next, and so on. This dynamic structure makes extensive use of KnockoutJS.


PotatoMay 2011 - February 2012

I worked as a senior developerfor Potato, a software development agency, managing a developmentteam across several projects. I was one
of 4 senior developers working in this fast-growing agency. Each seniorlead a team of 3 to 10 developers and worked with a project
manager. While there I delivered a ‘Gift Finderʼ application for Marks and Spencer and built an event management application for Google UKʼs
marketing department. Both projects used Django on Google App Engine, which involved modifying Django to use a non-relational database.

My stack


SCSS, Vue.js


Knockout, API


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Open Source solutions

OpenLayers, Capistrano


Ruby on Rails, PHP 7, CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5


Laravel, Django, Bootstrap, AngularJS

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Confluence

My education and trainings

Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science - Cambridge University1997 - 2000