Dariusz W.

Front End Integrator

690 dollar
18 years

My experience

Uncle BuckSeptember 2019 - Present


FreelanceJanuary 2004 - Present

PHP / PHP CLI - Laravel(4.1 - 5.8) / Symphony 2 / Zend Framework / CakePHP
C++ / C# / .NET / Linq / Ruby / Rails
JS / AngularJS / VueJS / jQuery / CoffeeScript / Gulp / Yarn
LAMP / NGINX / Varnish
Vagrant / VirtualBox / Docker
MySQL / MongoDB / Elasticsearch / NoSQL / SQLite / Redis
Git / SVN / Agile / JIRA / Waterfall
API integration and development
Linux server administration & maintenance

React / NodeJS

James Villa HolidaysNovember 2018 - September 2019

My responsibilities as a Web Development Manager:

- Working with the business to schedule and coordinate development projects.
- Providing status updates and communications with key stakeholders and project managers and manage resource planning and technical fit selection of team members for projects.
- Facilitating the collaboration between business analysts and members of the company to analyze new requirements and manage a team of software developers.

- Working with Lead Developers to develop, implement and maintain best-practice software development Lifecycle processes and procedures.
- Managing technical signoff of scope and functional requirements entering the development team and track and manage timescales for development in collaboration with technical teams.
- Ensuring that developers follow the development process whilst championing all stages of the software development lifecycle, including analysis, writing, testing, debugging and delivery.

- Ensuring that all procedure manuals and systems documentation is kept up to date and maintain and support the participation of peer code reviews by providing comments and suggestions.
- Supporting root cause analysis on application issues and outline corrective action for any problems found.
- Providing estimates for new development tasks and give my opinion on technology choices, offer suggestions and improve processes.

As a Scrum Master:

- Hosting Scrum Ceremonies
- Participating in daily stand up meetings, capturing and communicating regular updates on progress and provide regular feedback and a weekly report to the IT Director via meetings, status updates, and discussions.
- Communicating regular status updates to stakeholders to keep them informed of project plans and progress.

KuflinkApril 2018 - September 2018


Top Villas and Luxury Villa RentalsSeptember 2015 - March 2018

Lead developer and technical architect for Top Villas and Luxury Villa Rentals products, custom data feeds and APIs, directly managing the development team. The main responsibilities for this role are to ensure that projects assigned were delivered within time constraints and to a high quality. I have been managing the application development life cycle in all levels following the best practices and applying different design patterns.

- Leading an agile team of six to design the future of company services and offerings,
- Managing the team on a day to day basis, inc. overseeing the Kanban board and standups.
- Acting as a liaison between departments to fully understand what the company needs,
- Automating company processes to improve company online presence
- Responsible for planning, resource scheduling, time estimation, software documentation, software analysis and QC, project viability and delivery,
- Recruitment of new developers, identify improvement within team for increase efficiency, conduct team's performance review,

- Designing and creating web-apps from scratch using PHP, JS, HTML5 and CSS3,
- Designing and building robust and scalable web apps using Laravel(4.2 - 5.5),
- Designing payment integration solutions using Worldpay(US,UK), Yapstone, Stripe, PayPal APIs,
- Using JS(AngularJS, Vue, jQuery) to create powerful and responsive user interfaces,
- Automating and managing new and existing projects,
- Experimenting with React and NodeJS to assess their appropriateness for future projects,
- Transferring our internal infrastructure to a Docker cluster for scalability and cost-reduction,
- Refactoring legacy sytems, improving speed, efficiency and productivity of different departments,

- Planning server migrations, building, administrating and maintaining production servers,
- Database servers design, administration, backup and recovery,
- Monitoring performance and recommend and implement servers performance tuning.

Luxury Villa RentalsJanuary 2015 - September 2015


Where to ReferJanuary 2014 - December 2014

As a lead developer, I have been responsible for design, development, architecture and release process of the WhereToRefer web, mobile and desktop app. I have been developing WTR product using Java (Android App), PHP (Laravel 4.2), MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 (SASS) and JS (AngularJS, JQuery).

My stack

Open Source solutions



Backup & Recovery, Mobile Applications, development lead, Coordinate development, resource scheduling, Web Application Development, manage resource planning, manage timescales, Supporting root cause analysis, Web Development Manager, Software Development Life Cycle, Scrum Master, Software Analysis, Planning Skills, Technical Architect, Symphony 2, Practitioner, Waterfall Methodology, Webpack, PRODUCT OWNER, Full-Stack developer, Website Design, Microsoft .NET Technology, Zend, Development Manager, Microsoft C-SHARP, industry~it, SENIOR FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Apache Subversion, Lead developer, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Cascading Style Sheets, FULL STACK ENGINEER


CakePHP, Zend Framework, REST, Laravel, Node.js, AngularJS, jQuery

Software testing



Software Development, Vue.js, ElasticSearch, Bower, Gulp


Team management, API, Design, Quality control, VirtualBox

Environment of Development


Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns, JIRA, Kanban, Agile Methodology

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Nginx, Git, Docker


C++, XHTML, LINQ, CoffeeScript, Jscript, C/C++, ASP, Sass, Java, PHP, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML5


NoSQL, SQLite, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB



My education and trainings

- Licenses & Certifications

Bachelor, Applied Science - Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kościuszki