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SABA EEG & OIMGC & Pasargad Energy Development Co (PEDC) & Damavand Power Generation Management Co ( ContractSeptember 2018 - Present

SABA-EEG, OIMGC, PEDC, and DPGMCO own almost 20 power plants that trade electricity in Iran Electricity Whole Market.
• Developing Server/Client ReQo application, a too big object-oriented C++ based application for databasing, billing, optimal bidding, availability forecasting, data validation, data analysis, and controlling all power plant transactions.
• This application is being developed in Qt platform.
• Uses LibXL library for fast processing large Excel files and passing data to remote and local MySQL and SQLite databases.
• Encrypts data to guarantee privacy and security.
• Developing a Qt Web Engine based spider (web scraping) application to gather all required data (such as electricity prices) from certain websites.
Skills: Object-oriented C++ (Qt Cross-platform Environment), QPython, MySQL, SQLite, LibXL, Qt Web Engine, VBA, Artificial Intelligence.

SABA Electricity and Energy Group & Omid Investment Management Group CoDecember 2017 - January 2019

SABA-EEG and OIMGC are two of the largest holding companies in Iran, which own more than 10 large thermal power plants.
• Developed Server/Client VB.Net based OTMS (Online Temperature Monitoring System) application for real-time monitoring all power plants temperature, pressure, wind, and humidity sensors.
• This application monitors sensors simultaneously and sends alarms to users via SMS and Email.
• Designed and implemented powerful MySQL and SQLite databases to store all data .
• Developed Selenium-based spider application to collect climate forecast data from,, and websites and increase power plants availability revenue by using Artificial Intelligence techniques.
• This application is currently used by more than 10 power plants.
Skills: VB.Net, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Selenium, QPython, C++, Artificial Intelligence

Niroo Research InstituteMay 2016 - March 2018

NRI is the R&D branch of Iran Ministry of Power.
• Documented Iran Ministry of Power rules on thermal and renewable power plants as an electronic book by using VB.Net and MySQL database manager system.
• Developed gPAT (Generation Project Assessment Tool) engineering-economic application for assessing power plant construction and development projects from an economic aspect by using VB.Net.
• Developed a Selenium-based spider application to dynamically search through world’s main renewable assets production companies and form a database of all products info.
Skills: VB.Net, MySQL, Selenium, VBA, COMFAR

IGMCApril 2013 - December 2015

IGMC is the head manager of Iran electricity grid.
• Developed five combined C++ (Qt Cross-platform Environment), VBA, and DPL based applications to allocate network costs to all customers and power plants.
• Developed C++ based applications to calculate power loss coefficients in all generation, demand, and switching buses of an electricity grid.
• Developed an application to assess transmission expansion candidates from an economic point of view.
Skills: Object-oriented C++, VBA, DPL

My stack


Software Engineering, Matlab Simulink

IT Infrastructure


Environment of Development

Qt Creator


Artificial Intelligence, Problem Solving, Teamwork, Web Scraping

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Selenium, Agile




C++, Matlab, JavaScript, XML, VBA, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, Python, QML

Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack, Microsoft Excel

Software testing

Selenium WebDriver


MariaDB, SQLite, MySQL

My education and trainings

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering - Isfahan University of Technology2012 - 2015

- Shiraz University2008 - 2012