Luc V.

Full Stack Developer

970 dollar

My experience


FreelanceJune 2019 - Present

Développeur fullstack en freelance avec 20 ans d'expériences (développeur, lead développeur, CTO) en agence web, startup et sites e-commerce.

Expertises :
- Frameworks Symfony 2 à 4 et Laravel
- MariaDB, Redis, Varnish, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ
- Intégration front HTML 5 et Javascript
- Devops, configuration Docker, architectures scalables, micro services
- Mise en place de pipeline CI/CD
- Mise en de tests automatisés (unitaires, fonctionnels, end 2 end)
- Performances web et optimisations
- Internalisation d'équipe technique, process Agile

SSENSEJune 2019 - October 2019

Manage 15 developers in Agile mode.

fioulmarket.frMarch 2016 - May 2019

Website generating a turnover of 50 million euros.

- Recruitment, management of a team of 9 developers (prestataires et CDI), team challenge

- Technical/architect referent
- Technology stack: Docker, Nginx, PHP 7, POO, Framework Symfony 2.8 - 4, Varnish, Mariadb, Redis, Docker, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch.
- Devops oriented
- Create a full CI/CD process (Jenkins, Scrutinizer, Capistrano, Git hook) with unit and functionnal tests with git flow and code review
- Work in multi project annd agile/scrum process with JIRA tool (dailys, planning poker, retro and demo)
- Complex multi payment gateway and billing
- Organise an hackaton day, coding dojo and pair programming with the developer team
- Write compliance and RGPD procedures
- Manage annual security audit management

PrestaShopMay 2015 - March 2016

- Evolution and technical migration architecture from Prestashop framework to Symfony 2.
- Technical environment : Git, Travis, PHP 5.4, Mysql, Jquery, HTML5/CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3
- Add PSR2 standard, composer and unit testing
- Manage 2 developers
- Perform code reviews

TEEMEOApril 2013 - May 2015

- Design, development of Teemeo (Corporate social network and collaborative tools)
- Development of synchronization tools and news management, documents, tasks, calendars and contacts with APIs: Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Dropbox, Box, Windows, Evernote, Asana, Basecamp, Feedly, Yammer
- Framework Symfony2.4 (Git, API REST - CORS, Oauth 2 and JWT)
- Backend environnement : Debian, Nginx, PHP 5.4, MariaDB, MongoDB, NodeJS, REDIS, APC, HTTPS
- Frontend environnement : AngularJS, Grunt, Bower, Jasmine, HTML5/CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap 3
- Manage CI/CD with Jenkins and Capistrano
- Server Administration (Local, Testing, Production)
- Supervision of the technical team (4 front and back developers)
- Best practices: Versionning, deployments, Agile/Scrum method, respect of PHP and Javascript coding standards
- Recruitment, training of new developers
- Management of technical service providers


Bulle BeautéDecember 2011 - January 2014

Co founder and CTO of bulle-beauté.fr, online booking site for beauty and well-being
- Technical Manager (2 developers)
- From scratch development (Symfony 2 framework / HTML5 / Twitter Bootstrap 2 / Admin Sys / Jquery / Payment gateway
- Seo and UX optimisations
More / Comptoir de CalifornieJanuary 2011 - November 2011

- Design, development and launch of the B2C / C2C e-commerce website
- Symfony 2 Framework, advanced banking interfacing (Atos Office Server)
- ElasticSearch indexation
- Capistrano deployment, Git versionning
- Environnement : Nginx, PHP-FPM, PostgreSQL, Varnish, APC, HTTPS
- Editing and tracking prepaid post shipments
- Technical and ergonomic design, feasibility study
- Put in place of good practices (Versionning, deployments, AGILE method...)
- Recruitment, training and supervision of new developers
- Management of technical and administrative providers

NeoplugJanuary 2009 - December 2010

Website, e-commerce, fash games, Iphone webApp

Click'n Check - ModedemploiJanuary 2005 - December 2010

- Technological monitoring and innovation for developers, commercials, and project managers
- Participation of quotes and tenders
- Recruitment of PHP and Flash Developer
- Intranet development - BackOffice - Front Office - Extranet - Development of games and sites in AS2 / AS3
- Drafting of technical specifications (database design, scalability, slow queries)
- Creation of dynamic website and viral games (buzz marketing)
- Design and creation of the service (aggregation, RSS feed filtering)
- Design of statistical modules and data exports
- Development of the website (Drupal 6)

My stack




MySQL, Redis


Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment

IT Infrastructure

Docker, Varnish


RabbitMQ, Symfony2, Symfony3

My education and trainings

Concepteur, réalisateur multimédia - Concepteur, réalisateur multimédia - Entreprise et Formation2001 - 2002

IUT - Qualité, Certification - IUT OGP Site d'Argenteuil1999 - 2001