Han C.


392 dollar

My experience


Trinity Co.LtdJanuary 2020 - January 2020

Remote Mobile Application Developer

Trinity is a company in Tokyo, Japan and specializes in wireless technologies and it provides easy-to-use gadgets that enrich digital lifestyle.
I have worked as a remote developer and I am developing some healthcare applications.

Remote Software Developer

Shenzhen JC-HICI Technology Co.,LtdSeptember 2017 - March 2018

Shenzhen JC-HICI Technology is a company in Shenzhen City, China and specializes in digital production.
I had developed mobile applications using bluetooth library to connect and to communicate with BLE devices, and I had experienced in Fireware development.
And I had experienced in backend development.

Cosmos System Service Co.LtdJanuary 2018 - January 2018

Remote Software Developer

Cosmosss is a company in Tokyo, Japane and specjailizes in
development of web and mobile application, and development a new technologies that can protect the enviroment such as photocatalyst attracts.
I have worked as a remote developer to develop web and mobile application.


Beijing University of Technology, College of
Software Engineering

My stack

Xcode, Vue.js, TypeScript, RxJava, Ruby on Rails, React Native, OpenCV, Node.js, Laravel, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Image Processing, Firebase, Express.js, Express, BlueTooth Low Energy, Blockchain, AWS, Artificial Intelligence, Android, Analytics, Analytical skills