Quentin R.

Full Stack Developer

720 dollar
10 years

My experience


Architech, FreelanceJanuary 2019 - Present

Accor Hotel:
#nodejs, micro-services, docker, linux, aws, jenkins, github, react, mysql

the innovation department, mainly working on a chat bot for Accor's
clients, using multiple channels such as Amazon echo, google hub,
whatsapp, messenger, ...

Expertise on nodejs for other Accor Hotel department.

Rocambole AppAugust 2018 - January 2020

# nodejs, react, react-native, linux, docker, aws, redis, devops

In a startup, working on all technical aspect. Rocambole aim to become the Netflix of reading. Users can use Rocambole in freemium version, or pay to subscribe.

In it first version, anybody was able to publish content on Rocambole.

Now, you have to be selected by a comity to ensure content quality.

I've created:
- A react author backoffice (v1)
- A react administration backoffice (v1&v2)
- A react-native customer/user mobile app(v1&v2)
- A backend and a DB(v1&v2)
- A test/production environment(V1 on OVH vps, v2 on AWS EC2 and docker)

AmplementAugust 2017 - December 2018

Working on a real time social network, collaboration and unified communication platform for professional. Doing :
- React/React native/redux/saga
- Express, rethinkdb(NoSQL)
- Elasticsearch, sockets

AmplementJune 2018 - December 2018

# nodejs, react, react-native, rethinkdb, webrtc, sockets, ovh-cloud, linux, openId

In a startup creating a web platform, which could be described as a mix between linkedin and slack.

Worked on legacy frontend development.
Leaded frontend refacto as a PWA.
Backend development, openId server creation, continuous deployment, webrtc development

6cureNovember 2015 - August 2017

# C, linux, networking, anti-ddos, security, high speed packet processing

In a startup, first tech employee. 6cure provide anti-ddos appliance for core network ISP and government.

Developing and maintaining legacy anti-ddos software
Architecture, project management and team lead for a from scratch refacto
On site customer training and appliance installation, internationally
Company representation at tech and commercial events

6cureOctober 2011 - August 2017

Non technical:
- Internal formation for non-technical employees on software, system, network and ddos theory
- Intern and apprentice supervision
- Represent company at multiple events(research project kickoff, security and botnet conferences, ...)
- Design, development and test of new feature for the 6cure anti-ddos product
- Anti-ddos appliance deployment and user training on customer site
- Build, install and configure 6cure appliance for customers

In apprenticeship from October 2011 to July 2014.

ENSICAENSeptember 2015 - January 2017

Teaching "System Security" to 2nd year and "Advanced System Security" to last(3rd) year students enrolled in an engineering degree specialized in System Security and Monetics

My stack


MySQL, Redis, RethinkDB


Express.js, Node.js, Redux




React Native


Software Architect, React.js, ElasticSearch, Software Development, AWS, Software Architecture, WebRTC



IT Infrastructure

Docker, Linux, Cloud Computing, Git, Networking, Network Security, Cloud OVH

Analysis methods and tools



Web Design, Natural Language Processing (NLP), GitHub, Sockets


JavaScript, CSS3, Go, Solidity, HTML5, Python, C/C++

My education and trainings

Licenses & certifications - Scrum.org/Coursera Course Certificates/Udemy

A1Mandarin Chinese - Université de Caen Normandie2015 - 2016

Engineering(master) degree, System Security and Monetics - Ecole nationale supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen2011 - 2014

Academic and technological diploma in Computer Science, Computing - IUT de Lannion2009 - 2011

BAC STI (Sciences et Technologies Industrielles), Electrical engineering - Lycée Chaptal2007 - 2009