Emmanuel L.

Full Stack Developer

760 dollar
22 years

My experience


ImpulseedsMarch 2015 - Present

It's not the right time to reveal anything about this project yet, but it is largely based on Machine
Learning and more particularly on Natural Language Processing, so I learned and keep learning
everything I need to lead this project to its launch.

There is a lot to learn and the path is once again far winding than expected, but that is so interesting

and rewarding that even if this project never rise, it will still be a good use of my time.

Self-employedJune 2002 - May 2015

Developer & Illustrator
At some point, using only web
technologies I felt somewhat limited, and I decided to stop my freelance
activity in order to start my own projects and study more computer
fields. So I decided to create a full video game with my own 3D engine
at spare time while studying computer science more deeply. Indeed, a
video game requires a wide range of knowledge, hence this is the perfect
kind of project to help discover tons of interesting stuff.
that is what I did for a while. I worked more 12 hours per day in order
to learn more and more new useful stuff and to create interesting new
programs. I learned to deal with C, C++, the algorithms, 3D rendering
mathematics, open-gl, shaders, networks, the cross-platform constraints,
some artificial intelligence algorithms and much much more...

game is running well by now, however there is still a lot of work to be
done and I have other interesting ideas to work on, so I decided to
pause this project while working on Impulseeds. However, I really hope I
will be able to come back on this project later on to really finalize
it the way it deserves to be.

Freelance Developer
When I was a Freelance developer, I mainly worked with two design companies based in Paris; hellohikimori and hilite.

both used to ask for my help when they needed someone to handle the
technical development behind their fancy designs of their projects.

this time frame I worked for clients such as L'oreal (most recurrent
client) GSK, Ipsos, Krups, Dynamic Creative, Dior, SodexHo, Odyssea,
2souffle, Publicis, Bistrot31, Alpure, Clio, Mtop, Pi-Design, Armani
Diamonds, Biotherm, Black XS, Diesel, Perrier, Glee

UCreate3DSeptember 2013 - August 2014

While working at UC3D, I mainly worked
on an HTML5 3D application that was included on partner's website (such
as HEMA) in order to offer their customers an handy and easy way to
choose, personalize and order a 3D printed phone case right from their
website. Unfortunately I didn't had any team (as expected when I joined)
to lead, but I had to work with HEMA's and zazzy.me teams to complete
this task and that was equally formative.

Despite the fact that I
had to leave this project because of personal reasons, it was a very
nice experience with a very interesting and talented team. I could work
on another project with them.

Inti-RamiAugust 2001 - June 2002

Inti-Raymi was the merge of
Mediagraffic (the previous one) and another company, so I kind of
continued working at the same place with the same people ...

was still in charge to find new technology applications and thus I kept
learning and exploring new techniques & languages (such as PHP, ASP,
SQL...) in order to expand the AS3/JS/HTML possibilities we already
frequently used.

While employed in this second company, I kept
working on (more or less) interesting projects for clients such as EADS,
IPSOS, Futur acoustic, El-rancho restaurants, Glaxo Smith Kline, ABF,
Vivendi-CGEA, Panasonic and most of the clients I already worked for
while in the previous company.

MediagrafficSeptember 1999 - August 2001

I was graphic designer and responsible for new (at that time) technologies such as Flash.

employed there, I had the opportunity to work on interesting projects
of clients such as Fujitsu, Microsoft, Canon, Lancaster, H. Rubinstein,
L'oreal, Nostalgie, Cherie FM, Rire & Chansons, UCS, SNCF, Géo
magazine, Capital magazine, Citroën, Compaq, Bosch and much more.

My stack


Shaders, Artificial Intelligence


Adobe Photoshop


LUA, Java, JavaScript, C#, HTML, ActionScript, PHP, C/C++, SQL, Python, HTML5


Flask, Machine Learning


Django, Node.js, OpenGL


Blender, Graphic Design

My education and trainings

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