Arsene M.


732 dollar
9 years
Nantes, FRANCE

My experience


AXAJanuary 2018 - Present

Actually production senior developer for Axa Banque in Paris (France).

ENI SchoolDecember 2016 - October 2017

Training of Software Developers on the following topics :

Analysis, design and application mapping with UML and Oracle Sql Data Modeler;

Development of layered applications:
> HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap;
> Java / J2EE (JSP / Servlet, JSTL), Logs (Log4j) and Unit Tests (JUnit);
> Webservices REST (Jersey - JAX-RS) / SOAP (JAX-WS);
> JSON / XML serialization (Gson, Jackson, DOM);
> Version Management with SVN / Git and Code Coverage (EclEmma);

Tomcat application server administration;

Study and implementation of project monitoring methods:
> Classic: V-shaped cycle;
> Agility: 2TUP (RUP) and Scrum;

Framing of projects:
> layered application development (Java / J2EE);
> Scrum agile organization of team projects ranging from 3 to 6 people;

ONEPOINTJune 2016 - November 2016

Within the service center of the Ministry of Justice, I took part on the following topics :

- Impact studies, costing requirements, involvement in operational committees;
- Team technical support;
- Design and implementation of automated tests (unit, integration);
- Continuous integration platform maintenance;
- Implementation of a mixed agile process (Scrum / Kanban) to develop new features, manage blockages and continue to support application level 3;
- Activity monitoring, commitments (deadlines and scope), deliveries and reporting;
- Realization of POC for tendering response;

Technical environment :
Java / J2EE, Struts, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, JS Chartist, REST webservices, Spring Security, Maven Eclipse, Sonar, Jenkins, MySQL, Documentation, JIRA, Alfresco Activiti, Shell, Git, GitLab, Docker, Debian / CentOS.

Pôle emploiMarch 2015 - April 2016

For Capgemini, in two teams of 7 and 5 members and in an agile context (Scrum), I worked on the development of the Salon Online and Employment Store Developers projects on the following scope :

- Design review, layout, development, deployment in recipe and technical documentation of functionalities;
- Involvement in Scrum workshops (planning and backlog refinement, demos and retrospectives) according to Scrum framework;

Technical environment :
HTML, CSS, Java, Tapestry, MongoDB, Oracle 11g, SLDNG Job Center Framework, OpenAM (SSO), JPA, SQL Developer, MongoChef, Eclipse, ClearCase, RTC, Jenkins, Sonar, Weblogic, Jetty, Web Services REST, UML, Scrum.

MAIFOctober 2014 - January 2015

For Capgemini, I took part in an agile multi-team project to recast the insurance subscriber management application. I took part on following topics :

- Involvement for end to end developments of the new platform;
- Integration of technical modules and deployment in test environment;
- Update of the technical documentation and involvement for Scrum agile process (planning, daily, demos, retro);

Technical environment :
HTML, CSS, Java / J2EE (JSF), Maif PN internal framework, Spring webflow, SpringDAO, REST web services (Jersey), SQL Developer, SVN, Jenkins, Sonar, technical documentation, UML, Scrum.

Le Groupe La PosteJanuary 2014 - September 2014

For Capgemini, we worked on the deployment of the TechnoMedia SIGAL V6 software package for the management of training and holidays at DISFE La Poste Enseigne.

- Follow-up of the technical supplier relationship, involvement for technical and business workshops;
- Sizing and configuration of systems environments (MS Windows Server systems, IIS and SQL Server database);
- Configuration of the TechnoMedia SIGAL V6 software and the ColdFusion 10 server;
- Documentation, support of loading and functional tests, architecture review;

Technical environment :
TM SIGAL V5 / V6, IIS 7 (Internet Information Services), Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2, Management Studio 2008 R2, VMWare ESX and Player, MS Windows Server 2008 R2, Adobe ColdFusion 10, MvAfee Virus Scan Enterprise , Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

SNCFOctober 2012 - December 2013

For Capgemini, I took part in various projects of different sizes and heterogeneous teams on following topics :

- TiREX project: Design, layout and develop a single-page application and inherent business services (HTML, CSS3, AngularJS, JBoss, Java, Maven 2, Spring (IoC), Git, Jenkins, Sonar);
- StarCab project (iDCAB): Recast of the SNCF taxi vehicle reservation platform (Java, HTML, CSS3, Spring, JSTL, Talend Open Studio, continuous integration, Jenkins, Sonar);
- ARC project: Development of business services for customer callback (Java, JAXB, CXF, XML, Log4J, REST, SOAP, Maven2, Tomcat, Spring, JBoss, Jenkins, Sonar);
- TGV Signaling project: Recast of the incidents management mobile app (Java, Android, Jackson, JSON, Eclipse, Android SDK, Git);
- Intermed project: Design and deployment of web services (REST, SOAP) on SNCF's Intermed enterprise bus (Java, Oracle Service Bus (OSB), XML, XQuery, XPath);

Bouygues TelecomMarch 2012 - August 2012

Involvement on implementation of services bus and development of webservices for data delivery to a unified communication system.

Technical environment :
Spring (IoC, DAO), Webservices (SOAP (JAX-WS), REST (JAX-RS), XML-RPC), Apache Camel, JAXB, JSON, XML, Jetty, Tomcat, SCRUM, Ice-Scrum, Eclipse, Maven .

My stack

XML, UML, Tomcat, Subversion (svn), SQL, Spring, Sonar, SOAP, Shell, Servlets, Scrum, REST, Python, Oracle, Nexus, MongoDB, Maven, JSTL, JSP, jQuery, Jira, Jenkins, JBoss, JAX-WS, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, HTML5, Hibernate, Groovy, GitLab, Git, Flask, Eclipse, Docker, DevOps, Debian, CSS3, CentOS, Bootstrap, Bash, AWS, Apache, Ansible, AJAX, Agile Methodology