Natan D.


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7 years

My experience


ProjetJune 2019 - Present

Beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle blog.

Self-EmployedJune 2019 - Present


onepointNovember 2017 - Present

Software Consultant at SFR within the Networks Engineering entity since the 20th November 2017 :
- mainly Java/JEE server side software engineering - SOAP & RESTful WS / Clients + JSP/Servlets + Tomcat + iBatis
- workflow modeling
- tools : Windows / Solaris + Toad for Oracle + SQL Developer / W4 Business First Process Composer / Eclipse & IntelliJ / Maven + Ant + SVN + Jenkins / Java + Perl

What was fun :
+ discovering the world of telecommunication networks behind the curtains : the fascinating hardware making internet, tv and telephones possible, the complex applications and workflows involved in providing these services, ...
+ working with dedicated and fun people
+ seeing the fruits of one's work once new apps and functionnalities are deployed into production or bugs/anomalies corrected and deployed improving the software and user experience
+ discovering Perl

What was accomplished :
+ built client/server apps with Ajax, HTTP, Servlets and JSPs
+ built user interfaces with JSP and jQuery
+ built document style HTTP accessed SOAP web services
+ built REST clients for RESTful web services
+ created/improved business workflows
+ tested business workflows by creating fake subscriptions for network access and services (basically inputing xml documents into pooling directories and following the process with UIs)
+ code analysis, optimisation, refactoring and documentation
+ logs analysis, debugging and anomaly detection/correction

Attended introductory and advanced courses at Onepoint's head office :
+ Java unit testing
+ Blockchain
+ Docker
+ Kubernetes

CGIFebruary 2017 - August 2017

Financial Services Intern :
- built a text detection/extraction/analysis/enrichment pipeline using AI and RESTful web services
- tools : Java, Git, Spring Framework, Abby FineReader OCR, Microsoft Azure Speech To Text API, Luxid Expert System

CNESJanuary 2016 - January 2017

The project "Study of the physiological and behavioral impact of changes in gravity on humans" consists of the implementation of a series of acquisitions before, during and after the 2016 weightless flight campaign aboard the A310 Zero G from Novespace.

These acquisitions are carried out via four physiological and behavioral sensors. These signals allow us to measure changes in brain activity, pulse, writing and overall activity between different levels of acceleration of gravity.

We benefit from the support of Télécom SudParis (with the Cassiopée program) and its Electronics and Physics laboratory, in order to develop and fine-tune the acquisition and processing and analysis of the signals from our sensors.

Bridges ( 2015 - July 2015

Participated in the development of back end functionalities for using Meteor.js
It was a culture-sharing platform where members exchanged webpages recommendations.

My stack

XML, Windows, Web Services, UNIX, Unit testing, TortoiseSVN, Tomcat, TOAD for Oracle, Test Driven Development (TDD), SVN, Sun Solaris, SQL Developer, SQL, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring 5, Spring, Solaris, Software Engineering, Software Development, SOAP, Servlets, RESTful Web Service, REST, Python, PL/SQL, Perl, NPM, MVC, Microsoft Azure, Meteor, Maven, MaterialUI, Machine Learning, Kubernetes, JSP, jQuery, JEE, JavaScript, JAVA 8, Java, IntelliJ Idea, IntelliJ, iBatis, HTTP, HTML5, HTML, GlassFish, GitHub, Git, FileZilla, EJB, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Docker, Design Patterns, Debugging, Data analysis, CSS3, CSS, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Cassiope, C/C++, Blockchain, Bitbucket, BDD, Azure, Artificial Intelligence, API, Apache Web Server, Apache Maven, Ant, AJAX, Agile, ABBYY FineReader