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13 years

My experience


BoondManagerJanuary 2017 - Present

I’m a PHP dev within a PHP/JS/Designer team.
Technical stack: Vanilla , PHP , Python , Git , EmberJS

-January 2016 - Present

Since 2016

 Neuroevolution/Genetic algorithm I’m playing with NEAT types algorithms. I have the intuition that simple enough rules could lead a genetically evolving neurons model to create things nobody had thought of.
My goals: find a set of rules from which LSTM or Capsule cells could appear. If any success, open source the project. At this point in time the code is too experimental (meaning: too full of bad practice) to be shared.
Since 2017
Machine learning based crypto-trading bot
I’m using Keras,Tensorflow and custom implementations of NEAT.

Key findings: 

A model can be both train with gradient descent and neuroevolution. 

Some features can be turned into label to train subpart of the model. 

Neuroevolution is an amazing solution to problems which objective function is hard to define.

Split data 40/40/20 in order to make gradient descent and genetic evolution in a separate set of data drastically reduces overfitting.

NoviusJanuary 2016 - January 2017

Frameworks: Symfony 2 (PHP), Fuel (PHP), Laravel (PHP), JQuery (JavaScript)

Skills I improved: Software architecture , Agile development , Team working

Bounty HunterJanuary 2014 - January 2016

I was hacking big companies for a living.

Coolest achivement
A big company (whose name I can't legally disclose) was allowing user inputed server-side JS. After a few days unsuccessfully trying to escape the sandbox, I got interested in the HTTP API. I first found a weakness, allowing arbitrary methods.

Obviously, localhost etc... were blacklisted.

It took two distincts vulnerability to bypass this blacklist: 1) Knowing that is a /8.
2) TOCTOU, (short TTL DNS pointing to

My target for testing was port 22, because ssh (quite politely) answers in a HTTP 0.9 valid fashion.

I managed to code a port scanner and found Consul, by Hashicorp, unprotected and running as root.

FreelanceJanuary 2010 - January 2015

While I was not hacking, I worked on several contracts as a freelance, on a wild variety of technos, including:
blockchain (ERC20 token) : Pentest , C# , Python , PHP , ReactJS

My stack

Teamwork, Symfony, Software Architect, Python, PHP, NumPy, MySQL, Machine Learning, Linux, Laravel, jQuery, JavaScript, HTTP, Git, Ember.js, ElasticSearch, Django, Consul, C++, Blockchain, Agile Methodology