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mgelDecember 2018 - Present

Digital Shepherd.

graphicNAIVETY || WebSolutionsSeptember 2018 - December 2018


CODUSTELApril 2018 - September 2018

FullStack Web Developer & Designer;
Web Dev Team Leader.

Simplon.coOctober 2017 - April 2018

Formation PHP Symfony avec @ Epinal #2.

graphicNAIVETY || WebSolutionsAugust 2008 - April 2018

1. Web Designer & Full-stack Developer.
Very diversified missions dependent on the needs of the company.
Back and front-end development for the architecture of applications, user experience and HTML integration of a website.

Sutter EventFebruary 2016 - March 2018

Communication, graphics (handwriting), booking, and the like.
Technical support (accompaniment) images, sounds and lights.
Factual logistics.

Lab'ESS - Laboratoire de l'Economie Sociale et SolidaireJanuary 2012 - January 2017

To establish, to conceive(design) and to set up the graphics standards completes of a non-existent structure and thus to set up beforehand.
Train(Form) people in the use of the social networks in purposes associative as well as in fundamental computing.

Further to the Tunisian revolution, I wanted to bring my help(assistant) with the skills which are mine has the Tunisian civil society(non-trading company) by means of a Civic Service(Department) abroad.

In partnership with DSF (Development Without Borders), I joined the volunteers' first wave sent on the spot to facilitate the transition of the Tunisian people in the life post-revolution.

On the spot I have join as Developer / Graphic designer a team of about ten volunteers compound(made up) of jurists, experts in fund raising, And of communicators, all working in the associative and/or humanitarian environment(middle). Our mission was to set up one structure which can welcome the Tunisians avid to dash(launch) into this associative environment(middle) which did not exist before the revolution! We thus have in partnership with the IFT (French Institute of Tunis) created the label B.A.C (Associations Councils office) and it was only the beginning! Now installed(settled) we had to go to meet people to be known and it is there that my function(office) of " visual Communicator " - as the team liked ing me in useful summer. To date the structure always exists, it straight from increases and to change name for Lab' ESS (Laboratory of the Voluntary and united Sector)

Le Poulailler - Coworking MetzNovember 2016 - December 2016

Lead Developer for the LudoQUEST project within a Hackathon.

30 hours dedicated to the development of the LA prototype of the future application adapted to children's games.

Solid'A RythmikJanuary 2013 - March 2013

Membre fondateur de l'association Soli d'à Rythmik créatrice du label "le Salon des enragés Festival".
Organisation d'A à Z d'un festival musical ayant drainé plus de 2000 personnes.
ce fait nous avons découvert à nos dépens les différentes obligations
et contraintes liées à l'organisation d'un tel événement tel que chasse
aux terrains pouvant accueillir un festival... Il faut bien commencer
quelque pat !
La création et l'installation des infrastructures comme les scènes, barrières & commodités...
gestion administrative du projet afin d'obtenir -en vînt- des
subventions et mettre en place l'intervention des secours et la présence
d'agents de sécurité, nous avons donc rédigé un cahier des charges et
fait un appel d'offres aux différentes entreprises de sécurité.
tant que graphiste j'ai également pris en charge la totalité de la
communication de l'événement mis en place un dossier de presse et
communiquer autour de mon événement ce qui nous a permis de boucler le
festival avec le sourire ;)

Food on TourJune 2011 - September 2011

Management of a stand (pit) of restoration (catering) during a tour of 22 Festivals in Europe.

Equivalent to manager's post in fast but short-lived food!

My stack

Web Design, Symfony 4, SEO, SaaS, Project Management, PL/SQL, PHP, Marketing, iOS, Ionic 4, E-commerce, CSS, AngularJS, Angular, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite