Guillaume O.

Full Stack Developer

555 dollar
10 years

My experience


Movie On TimeAugust 2017 - Present

The Movie On Time app shows you the current movies available in cinemas.
Add your favourite movie to your watchlist and be notified when it is released.

** Book your tickets in less than 19 seconds **
A last minute for a movie? Get a real-time view of the available cinemas around you. Click and its booked! Forget all you know about cinema reservation.

Effy, FreelanceApril 2019 - Present

Creation of several APIs including in particular that of a premium calculator for households based on several parameters.
Implementation of strategies for future microservice applications.
Search engine implemented with Elasticsearch.
Refactoring and performance optimization.

Prium Solutions, FreelanceOctober 2018 - March 2019

Redesign of a customer site
Implementation of unit tests
Creation of roles (admin, support, user, etc.) to assign specific rights to an electronic signature system for legal contracts (service contracts, employment contract, etc.)
Create an audit system to know the actions of logged in users Creation of crons to allow them several actions (notify users about entries, etc.)

Myppet, FreelanceMarch 2017 - June 2017

Implementation of the architecture and data model.
API development
Back office development

ArizukaApril 2014 - October 2016

Stability improvements of the SaaS platform.
Implementing new features and modules suiting clients needs and requirements.
Define system/user requirements to develop, test and implement data models and database architecture.
- Add a geolocation system when a user was posting a project visible on a world map to see where the majority of projects were realized.
- Adding an event calendar module with javascript, where the admin and project leaders inform their contributors latest news.
- Implementing an administration interface for customers, shows the stats (how many projects funded, ongoing, collected money, crossed stages, which city wins more monies, etc ..)
- Add a check payment system for contributors.
Use Rspec and Capybara (features spec) with a TDD and BDD approach.
Using AWS for attachments and Heroku for deployment
Contribution with other developers using vagrant, git and sharing issues.

ApsapVP, FreelanceFebruary 2016 - February 2016

Define system/user requirements to develop, and implement data models, payment system and database architecture.

Implementation of an admin interface that can post the availability of a coach and assign courses.
Add training sessions reservation module for users.
Add calendar module for users who can register in a course and coaches can see which user is in his courses.

NoxdiaJuly 2013 - September 2013

Responsible for creating several actions on the backend and frontend.
Add features in Ajax
Implementation of several modules for

Abercrombie & FitchMay 2011 - July 2013

Responsible for managing the flow of goods and the reserve. responsibilities include the delivery processing, preparation, design and implementation of goods.

SiuFebruary 2012 - October 2012

Creation of an application similar to the game "The Price is Right" called "PlusouMoins" on the play store.

My stack


Web development, Vue.js, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Symfony2

Software testing

Test Driven Development (TDD), RSpec, Capybara, Unit testing


Ruby on Rails, CSS3, Ruby, PHP, HTML5, Swift, JavaScript

IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git, Heroku



Environment of Development





Symfony, jQuery, AJAX, Flutter

My education and trainings

Master’s Degree, Computer Software Engineering - SUPINFO International University2011 - 2016