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Pascal M.


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12 years
Perpignan, FRANCE

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  • 12 years of industry experience
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My experience


CrosscodeMarch 2020 - Present

As a versatile software enginner I work in different fields such as :

- Web (Frontend & Backend)
- Softwares (Server, Embbeded ou PC)
- Applications (mobile, tablette & web).
- Video games (mobile & PC)

Selecom SAFebruary 2018 - January 2020

Embbeded supervision module software development :

- Creation of a custom Linux kernel using Buildroot.

- Cron jobs and init.d services scripting using bash.

- SQLite, C/C++ real time development for the core software.

- Usage of SNMP to send supervision information to the server.

- Possibility to check the equipment with SMS thanks to Python scripts.

- Local website on lighttpd using PHP, JS, SQLite, Jquery and CSS.

- Modem development has also been made in order to connect the equipment to the server.

Module development made with C/C++ and SNMP for Centreon servers connected to remote equipments.

BEA FerroviaireJuly 2015 - February 2018

Creation of a Topography Device Tool including electronics, software development and mechanical


- Modeling was made using AutoCad.

- There was a Beaglebone Black using a custom Linux kernel. C/C++ and Qt were used to make the embedded software.

- It was connected to the different sensors and devices using RS232. 3D simulation was made to check if the device goals could be met. - Unity3D and C# were used to simulate the device in action.

Development of an automatic drawing software. Its goal was to automatically draw loading gauges using terrain and railway information. It was made with netDxf library and C#, output files were in Dxf format.

September 2013 - June 2015

Creation of a video game in Unity3D using C# :

- Made everything but sounds and art.

- I worked on 2D animations, GUI, game files, gameplay mechanics, level design, etc.

- Creation of real time CGI game server module in C++11 for gambling games.

Development of an Android social application and its server from scratch :
- Created the application and its server.

- The server was using Java Servlet and returned JSON data.

- It was hosted on an Amazon EC2
- Server and was able to send notification to both Apple and Android applications.

Intrasoft InternationalApril 2013 - August 2013

- Use of C/C++/STL for development on Solaris & Windows.

- Refactoring of a Database handling server. This server was able to gather and to process importation and exportation data of the European Union. Turned the whole C project into a C++ project to haveaccess to all C++11 features. Unit Tests were used to check server integrity. - Adding & Fixing server features using JIRA as project management tool.

Imagination TechnologiesMarch 2011 - March 2013

- Use of C/C++/STL for development.
- Research on 3D rendering related topics (height maps, normal maps ...).
Transforming normal maps into height maps. The goal was to reduce the size of a normal map file knowing that a heightmap file is smaller. In order to speed the process up, the transformation has been split in several threads. It is using Windows threads, C++ and STL (map, vector, iterators, etc.).
- Lossless texture compression (Huffman, LZW...). Creation of an efficient compressor/decompressor (average of 50% compression) using C++/STL. The compression is an offline operation and can be slow while the decompression is an online operation and has a low complexity.

Morphee InteractiveMarch 2010 - February 2011

- Use of C++/STL, ActionScript 3 and MySQL for development.
- Creation of a full real time AI server from scratch. It has been made server side to avoid cheating. It can simulate up to 1000 in a 1v1 game. This C++ server connects to the main game server with a TCP/IP UNIX blocking sockets. A Singleton Front Controller class manages all the games. It creates them, sends messages from the socket to them and deletes them. Since the gameplay is similar to chess Alpha-Beta algorithm with Min-Max optimisation has been chosen. The depth of the tree has been decided after several tests (time consumption versus AI difficulty).

- Work on client side gameplay parts (ActionScript 3). MVC pattern has been mostly used for this task.

This task includes hardcoded pathfinding to move characters, displaying information to the player (damage received, total HP remaining etc.) and creating visual effects.
- Creation of a second AI server from scratch. This C++ server connects to the main game server with a TCP/IP UNIX blocking sockets. This server has to manage thousands of monster behaviours for a MMORPG game. Several pthread are used in order to use all the CPU cores and gain time. Behaviour trees are used in order to select monster decisions. Trees are XML files saved in a MySQL database.
- Developed and maintained in-house tools which were used by our design team in order to make AI behaviours and to create monsters. These tools are made with ActionScript 3 and use MVC pattern for most of its components. Monsters and Behaviours were saved in a MySQL database using the XML format.

My stack

Visual Studio, Unity3D, UML, TCP, Symfony, SVN, SQL, Spanish, Solaris, SNMP, SCSS, Qt, Python, PHP, OOD, MySQL, Multithreading, Linux, Jscript, JavaScript, Java, HTML, Git, Flex Builder, Eclipse, Design Patterns, Client / server architecture, Centreon, C/C++, C++, C#, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, AJAX, ActionScript