Full Stack Developer

335 dollar
1 year
Nantes, FRANCE

My experience

AUSYJanuary 2020 - February 2020


Akka TechnologiesApril 2019 - October 2019

▪ Context 
▫ Was part of a research project to create an autonomous bus. 

▪ My goal 
▫ Write state of the art in MAAS (Mobility as a Service) 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Research of the MAAS market 
▫ Research of how new means of transport work (bike and scooter sharing applications, uber, etc.) 
▫ Research about ways to connect these means of transport with an autonomous bus 

▪ Results 
▫ Was part of an innovative project 
▫ Development of knowledge and interest in the field of MAAS 


Personal ProjectAugust 2019 - September 2019

▪ Context 
▫ The departments that work in shifts take a lot of time to create their schedules. They have complex constraints like holidays, sick leave, payment rules, etc. 

▪ My goal 
▫ Create an application capable of taking in all these constraints and generate a schedule that minimizes overtime and special hours (weekend and nighttime) 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Research genetic algorithms 
▫ Development of an algorithm to create shift schedules in Kotlin 
▫ Development of an Android application that allows the user to create optimized schedules and download them 

▪ Results 
▫ Development of a genetic algorithm to create custom schedules 
▫ Apprentissage du Kotlin 

▪ Technical Environment 
▫ Kotlin ▫ Android Studio ▫ Genetic algorithms


Bodet Software SASJune 2019 - September 2019

▪ Context 
▫ Kelio is a platform used to manage the time and access in companies. It's an HR application that can manage schedules, access to buildings, contracts, rules, salary, badging, etc. 

▪ My goal 
▫ Join a maintenance agile/scrum team to help correct anomalies in the solution 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Anomalies correction using Teamtrack and Git
▫ Development of unit tests using JUnit 

▪ Results 
▫ Chance to work in well structured and agile environment 
▫ Learning of the HR domaine (Labor code and how companies organize their HR systems) 
▫ Unit test development 
▫ Correction of anomalies 

▪ Technical environment
▫ Java 7, JEE, JUnit, Sonar ▫ Java BWT ▫ Teamtrack ▫ Git ▫ Jenkins ▫ Eclipse 

▪ Entreprise Description 
▫ Bodet Software is a french software development entreprise. They develop HR software and are one of the biggest developers in France. They are present as well in other European countries and somewhat in the rest of the world.


Akka TechnologiesApril 2019 - June 2019

▪ Context 
▫ Stay a month in Geneva for a formation to later join an Akka Technologies agency 

▪ My goal 
▫ Build consulting skills and learn French to increase my value as a professional and become a better asset for the clients 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Part of an innovation project 
▫ French courses 
▫ Formations in personal skills 

▪ Results 
▫ Learned French 
▫ Built personal skills 

▪ Entreprise description 
▫ The akkademy is an unique approach that permits the group Akka from attaining their set objectives, goals like becoming digital leaders in the engineering sectors. 


Alten, Sophia-AntipolisNovember 2018 - February 2019

▪ Context
▫ First professional experience in France to work for an international client 

▪ My goal 
▫ Get a mission at Amadeus 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Formation Java 11 
▫ Formation C++ 11 

▪ Results 
▫ Built my Java and C++ skills 


CMC (Novabase Consultant)February 2018 - October 2018

▪ Context 
▫ Kilundu is the platform that analyses the entities and transactions in the Angolan stock market looking for suspicious activity like money laundering. 
▫ The platform has multiple automatique mechanisms that help the technicians in looking for possible problems. 

▪ My goal 
▫ Management, maintenance, evolution and administration of the platform while doing the information relay to the client 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Anomaly correction across all the system using TFS 
▫ Formation of a new developer and remote information relay to a colleague in Angola 
▫ Replaced a local manual system of file exploration for an email automatique system using Biztalk. This system was used to upload the daily transactions in the market to the platform 
▫ Windows server administration using IIS 
▫ Project documentation using OneNote 
▫ Development of T-SQL scripts to better the future developments and analysis of anomalies 
▫ Development of a SSRS solution (SQL Server Reporting Services) to show financial data
▫ Established a connection between Oracle and SQL server using linked server 

▪ Results 
▫ Built skills in multiple technologies 
▫ Improved the process of forming new developers thanks to the newly created documentation 
▫ Automatisation of the daily process of uploading transactions 
▫ Built formation and autonomie skills 

▪ Technical environment 
▫ ASP.NET, C# ▫ Sharepoint ▫ JS ▫ MSSQL, SSRS, SSIS ▫ Oracle Server▫ Biztalk ▫ K2 ▫ TFS ▫ IIS ▫ Microsoft Visual Studio 

▪ Entreprise Description 
▫ CMC is the organization responsible for supervising the Angolan stock market. 

▪ Entreprise Website 


Personal ProjectJuly 2018 - August 2018

▪ Context 
▫ Organizing workout sessions at the gym is boring and it's not what people want to waste their time on when they think of trainning 

▪ My goal 
▫ Create an application that lets the user focus on the exercises and not on how he should organize his sessions 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Development of an application to generate and manage workout sessions at the gym 

▪ Results 
▫ Development of this application in Android using Java 11 
▫ Published the application in the store under the name The Workout 

▪ Technical environment 
▫ Android ▫ Java 11 ▫ Android Studio


NovabaseOctober 2017 - January 2018

▪ Context 
▫ Wizzio is the digital solution for financial services developed by Novabase. It's a solution used by multiple banks in Portugal in particular the service of opening a bank account. 
▫ But with wizzio the client can choose une our multiple financial services and integrate them with their own solution or get the complete solution. 

▪ My goal 
▫ The development of a chatbot capable of connecting the banking services like Wizzio and the messaging applications with the goal of providing customer the ability of using financial services through messaging applications. 

▪ Tasks 
▫ Research of the chatbot development technologies, AI and NPL (Natural Processing Language) 
▫ Development of a chatbot with the tool API.AI (Dialogflow) 
▫ Development of a webservice in Java-Spring 8 to connect the chatbot and financial services 
▫ Transformation of the webservice in microservice by deploying it to the Cloud. In the beginning using Heroku and later in an Azure server 
▫ Deployed the chatbot to messaging applications 
▫ Functional tests using a digital signature service of documents of the users bank account 

▪ Results 
▫ Development of a proof of concept of a chatbot for financial services 
▫ Deployment of the chatbot in two messaging applications: Messenger and Google Assistant ▫ Deployment of the webservice in the cloud making the development of new connections to other banking services faster 
▫ Built skills in the domain of AI 

▪ Technical Environment 
▫ Java Spring, Java 8 ▫ Rest ▫ Jersey ▫ API.AI/Dialogflow ▫ Heroku▫ Azure server ▫ Eclipse

My stack


MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server

Analysis methods and tools

Jackson, Junit, Sonar



Software testing

Unit testing

Environment of Development

TFS, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Eclipse

IT Infrastructure

Windows Server, Git, Linux, Heroku




API, Artificial Intelligence, TeamTrack, STD

Business Intelligence

SSRS, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SSIS


Spring Container, SharePoint, IIS, Software Engineering, React-Redux, AWS, Boostrap.js, DAO, React.js, Jersey, JABWT, Spring Boot, Software Development

Application servers

WildFly, Oracle Application Server, Microsoft SharePoint


CSS, SQL, Kotlin, C/C++, Jscript, Java, JAVA 8, JAVA 7, JEE, MVC, C#, HTML, ASP.NET, Matlab, PL/SQL, PHP, JavaScript


AngularJS, Angular, .NET, JPA, REST, JTA, EJB, Hibernate, Spring

My education and trainings

Consultant Formation - Akkademy2019 - 2019

React-Redux Training - Novabase2018 - 2018

C++ 11 Training - ALTEN2018 - 2018

Java 11 Training - ALTEN2018 - 2018

Masters Degree, Electrical and Computers Engineering - University of Coimbra2010 - 2017

Academy Novabase - Novabase2017 - 2017

Java 8 Training - Academia de Codigo2017 - 2017