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My experience


CEAOctober 1985 - Present

  • since october 1985, research engineer at CEA [French Alternatives Energies and Atomic Energy Commission].
  • 1985-1999 : in its DRN (direction des réacteurs nucléaires; nuclear reactors
  • 1999-now : in its DRT (direction de la recherche technologique): technological research division).

--January 2000 - Present

1. bismon (2018-..., work in progress).
A free software persistent (homoiconic, reflexive, multithreaded, collaborative, web-interfaced) monitor framework for whole program static
source code analysis, generating GCC plugins (funded CHARIOT 2018-2020 and DECODER 2019-2021 H2020 projects).
See for bismon and clipsrules-gcc 

2. GCC MELT (2006-2017)
Design and implementation of a Lisp-like domain specific language to extend and customize the GCC (Gnu Compiler Collection) compiler for static
source code analysis purposes; funded thru GGCC (ITEA8) and OpenGPU (French FUI) research projects 

3. GCC (2008-2014)
Contributions to the free software GCC project (of more than five millions lines), notably its plugin infrastructure and (with Jérémie Salvucci) GTYed garbage collector. Good knowledge of GCC middle-end (Gimple & SSA) layer. 

4. INRIA 2004 -
Sabbatical year in Cristal (Ocaml) team at INRIA, working on persistence and JIT compilation in Ocaml. 

5. POESIA (2002-2003)
Architect and technical coordinator of a free software, E.C. funded, internet content filtering project. Implemented in Ocaml its central monitor. 

6. TWO (1999-2001)
A static source code analysis (European FP5) project : contributions to scalar lattices (abstract interpretation) & development of a specialized generational copying garbage collector for and in C++. Research proposals submission of European and national (French) 

7. Research proposals.
Contribution to CHARIOT proposal (funded, running 2018-2020). With Armand Puccetti and Franck Védrine (CEA), drived and coordinated the DECODER proposal (funded in ICT-16 call of
H2020, starting in Q1 2019, mixing static analysis of source code, machine learning, natural language processing). Drived and coordinated the OPENSLEDGE proposal (FETOPEN, mixing static
analysis & NLP); GlobalGCC (ITEA8), OpenGPU (French FUI), POESIA (SIAP) etc... 

8. misc.
Contributed to other projects before 2000 (software engineering, symbolic artificial
intelligence); list available upon request. 

INRIAJanuary 2004 - December 2004

My stack

Software testing

Debugging, Static testing


CouchDB, SQLite, PostGreSQL, MySQL


Artificial Intelligence, Bibliographic research

IT Infrastructure

Cloud Computing, Linux

Analysis methods and tools



MapReduce, Software Architect, Software Engineering, Machine Learning


HTML5, C++, Common Lisp, SQL, C/C++, JavaScript, Prolog, Scheme

Open Source solutions


My education and trainings

PhD in CS (artificial intelligence) - Paris Univ. 61990

Master's degree, mathematics - Cachan Higher Normal School1980 - 1985

Diploma of advanced studies, computer science - Univ. Paris 61984