Ilyes D.

Full Stack Developer

485 dollar
5 years

My experience


Crédit Mutuel - Euro InformationSeptember 2017 - Present

• Development of fat-client applications (C#) and web sites in ASP.NET allowing to view company reports and also access and manipulate diverse customers data listed on the different Oracle databases. 
• Managed a project whose goal was to create an automated (C#) system for handling large volume invoices in accordance with European standards. 
• Conceived Web Services(C#) in order to interact with the Oracle databases 
• Created and deployed SQL Packages including various Bank-related functions : Risk-Calculating, Overdraft fees etc. 
• Designed new indexes and improved old ones, manipulated the Execution plan which resulted in improved database performances. 
• Deployement of ASP.NET Apps & WebServices on the production servers through IIS Manager.

University ProjectJanuary 2020 - March 2020

• Developped a web application for Twitter accounts to show the popularity and the engagement of their audiences 
• Sentiment analysis to determine if the account has a good or bad Online Reputation 
• Technologies: Python & Twitter API to get and treat the Data. Keras for tweet predictions. Elastic search to handle the data & Kibana to display the results through various graphs on a WebApp

Curium Pharma - ManpowerJuly 2017 - August 2017

• Upgraded Microsoft Access databases from the 2002 version to 2007. Added automated displays of company reports 
• Created various SQL Functions : Total Profit(Geographicly), Financial losses(Geographicly),etc. 
• Made sure that all data from the previous databases were carried over safely,correctly and not corrupted.

RATP GroupApril 2017 - June 2017

• In charge of upgrading the MySQL database as well as the PHP Web-intranet application, ensuring compatibility of current data. 
• Worked in a team following the agile process with daily meetings and reports. 
• Developed a new Web-interface(PHP) enabling RATP agents to configure dynamic screens located in various buildings. 
• Created of a Web-Portal for administrators in charge of rights management. 

My stack

Environment of Development

NetBeans, Visual Studio


R Language, Scala, Python, C#, ASP.NET, PL/SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Java, SQL

Machine Learning



IIS, Twitter API, TortoiseSVN, Web Services, .NET Core, ElasticSearch

Big Data

Hadoop, Big Data, Spark




MS Access, Oracle, NoSQL, MongoDB, MySQL


Project Management, Spanish, GitHub, Kibana, Twitter

Analysis methods and tools


IT Infrastructure


My education and trainings

Master of engineering in Computer Science, minor in Big Data - EFREI PARIS2017 - 2020

Associate Degree, Computer Science - Paris-Saclay University | Iut d'Orsay2015 - 2017